The 1980's was a fun decade to live in. When we think of the 1980's, we think about rock-n-roll stars and how music was really taking off. We also think of a lot of good horror classics. Halloween is approaching us quickly as it does every year and this year, you probably want to be something different.

What do you think of dressing up as something or someone from the 1980s? 80's Halloween costumes (1980s) are a popular choice amongst both children and adults of all ages. If you're interested in dressing up as something from this decade, then continue this article below.

Before you just jump in and start making choices, it is important that you know what was popular during the 80's. If you do not learn what was popular in the 80's, then you could end up looking like someone from another decade.

What was big during this decade? One of the biggest things of that decade would definitely be big hair. There were many other popular things during the 80's. This includes glamorous makeup (a lot of blue eye shadow), scrunchies, asymmetrical designs, shoulder pads, bright colors and don't forget about those high top sneakers!

Jelly sandals, jelly bracelets and acid wash jeans were also popular. Instead of wearing baggy jeans, the tight jeans were more in style.

If you were to go as a rocker from this decade, then you would find yourself wearing a lot of leather and big hair. For some ideas on what to dress up as, if you are putting the costume together yourself, then you should try watching some music videos from the 1980s.

You could also watch television shows from this decade to get some ideas. Some of the television shows include My Sister Sam, The Cosby Show, Knight Rider and Moonlighting.

For pants, you would find stone washed jeans, Sergio Balente, stirrup pants and in the late 80's, you would find parachute pants. As for shirts, fluorescent shirts and sweatshirts were popular. For skirts, mini-skirts, denim skirts and poofy skirts that were metallic in color was popular.

Before you wear a costume from the 1980's, you should get a feel of the style back then. When you look at the style and compare it to the styles of today's world, you are going to find that it is different in many different ways.

If you plan on dressing up as something from the 1980's, this does not mean that you have to dress as a rock star. You could also find out what monsters was popular during this decade and go as them. Perhaps you want to be the killer doll called Chucky, which first showed in Child's Play in 1988? There are so many scary things that were popular back then.

Whatever you pick, be sure to pick something that suits your inner personality. The 80's Halloween Costumes (1980s) that you pick should be something you feel comfortable with wearing.

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