In the second of my series of articles on fun activities to do with your kids this summer, I am going to focus on things you can do at home and around town with a minimal monetary investment.

Water Play

Nothing beats the heat on a hot day better than playing in the water. Add a few neighbor kids and your children are ready for some cool summer fun.

A fun activity to do with your kids this summer is to have a water balloon fight. Craft stores sell packages of them in the dollar section. Bring your kids and a fifty per cent coupon for each one, and you an have quite a few for a very low price. Fill outside and let the games begin! Latex smells, so showers will be needed after this water activity.

Another simple and easy activity to do with your kids is to turn on the sprinklers and run around. Toy manufacturers created different kinds, and many can be found at yard sales. Search in the spring to be ready for the summer. Have a water balloon fight while under the sprinklers for extra added fun.

Slip and Slides are a great way to beat the summer heat. You an always find them on sale in the summer. 

If you want to create an outdoor water park experience, invest in some small wading pools to place around your yard to go alongside your sprinklers. Fill them with water toys such as water guns and other items that squirt. You can make races and obstacle courses.

If you have the money and are willing to make an investment, purchase an inflatable above ground pool. The prices drop significantly after July Fourth if you are willing to wait until then to buy one. It does have to be maintained with chemicals like any other pool, but it is well worth the investment. Or you can get the new kind with the salt water filter. With proper care, it can last you for several summers. Ours has been a lifesaver and is used every day. Our friends come over with their kids and have a ball!

Join a Swim Club

A swim club is a fun place for your family. How much it costs varies on each club; many have early bird specials before the season starts and discounts if you join mid-summer.

Swim clubs are popular with families because you can spend the day in the water, play on the playground and participate in card games, mah jongg, shuffleboard and volleyball. For one membership price, you have seven days a week of fun in the sun. Many have special family events on the weekend.

Swim clubs permit you to bring our own food and drink, so you do not need to buy anything at the snack bar. If your children are young and can only go into the baby pool, you can bring along your babysitter or hire a teen who is already a member of the swim club to be your mother's helper.

Go to the Beach or a Lake 

A day at the beach is another low cost way to spend time with your kids this summer. Pack plenty of food, drinks, and sunscreen for a day of sandcastles, seashell hunting, and playing in the water.

Many areas have lakes with picnic grounds, playgrounds and spots for fishing. Spending the day here with your children will surely tire them out and want them coming back for more. Be sure to get your fishing license ahead of time and buy bait before you leave.

When choosing to do any of the fun activities, remember to bring along the camera and take lots of pictures for the summer scrapbook project mentioned in Part One of this series.