Feed the Head

When this game first loads you have to wonder what you have let yourself in for. There is just a head- a blue and boring head. Then you notice that the eye follows the mouse. Ok maybe you should try clicking something. Like that eye. Or that Nose. Maybe something would happen if you click on the ear. Who knows?

And things do happen. In fact, strange and wonderful things start to happen with every click. These things involve fish, flames and jumping over hurdles. They also involve soccer balls and multicolored feet, smoke belching pipes and weeping eyeballs.

Feed the Head is a little piece of flash game magic.


Mirrors Edge

Mirror's Edge 2D

This is a wild run across the roof tops game. Your pixilated princess avatar swings, leaps, slides and races across the skyline

There is a big game feel here which is not surprising given that it comes from Electronic Arts and versions have already been released for PC, X Box and Play Station 3. The graphics are neat and convincing. The controls are excellent – immediate results of a kind that you expect. The music is cool. Once you get into the game it induces a kind of trance where the only thing that matters is the next leap and the next roof.


Grow Tower

TowerThis is a game that is a clockwork marvel of animation. It is very easy to play and will do most of the work for you. There are a half a dozen elements from bricks to flowerpots that need to be stacked on top of each other. When you put the elements in place, they go through a routine, as if they are alive. Each element reacts to its neighbors and strange and wonderful things happen. When you get a good tower built, there are fireworks and fairground rides.

Altogether, it is another magical game.


Music Catch 2

This is a game to relax with. You are gathering up the good yellow shapes and avoiding the bad red shapes. The shapes come in waves and patterns that the music creates. If you catch a purple shape your score soars. The music is gentle and beautiful and pretty soon you are in peaceful place where everything is restful to the mind, ear and eye.



This is the Only Level

If you liked Achievement Unlocked this game from the same team might be for you. You're taking your elephant through a maze. It is not a difficult maze but there are a few spike pits which turn your bright blue right way up elephant into an upside down grey and very dead elephant.

The first couple of times through the maze could not be easier then they start changing the controls round. What should go left goes right. Suddenly that mouse is so sensitive. It will drive you crazy. It will give you fun. It will eat up your life.


Knee Game

Edhead games at Operation Games.

Edhead's Knee Surgery Game

In this game you have the chance to perform knee surgery. You will cut out the bad parts of the knee and install a new metal and plastic knee. Sound daunting? Don't worry, you are in good hands. A doctor will guide through every step and soon you will be an expert.

Vet Set Go

Vets Games

There are some addictive games for younger players at Vets Games Online . They include games that might appeal to a vet to be. Some are just for fun. It is also surprising how much you can learn!

You might also want to try a dentist game. It is surprising what you can learn while having fun.

Construction Games

If you like making things there are plenty of online games that cater to that impulse. You might want build a house with bricks or construst a bridege with rope, wood and steel. Some games are highly educational and will test your intuitve grasp of physics. Some are highly engaging fun games where struggle to stack wriggly green rectangles with a mind of their own!

Construction Games