Female Nurse Open Alcohol BottleCredit: Sira Anamwong | freedigitalphotos.net A private nurse is simply someone that is hired to give health and care attention to a specific person.  It pays higher but not permanent.  Tenure of work depends on many factors such as patient's death, attitude, relationship between employer and patient, and a host of other things.  When you want to hire one, you need to do it seriously as it involves a person’s life.  However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find exciting and ways to find a suitable skilled person for you.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Organize a Party. One of the most effective ways to find excellent private nurses is to let people know that you are looking for one.  So, why not invite all of your close friends to party, discuss this, and ask referrals about hiring.  You will be astonished with the recommendations that they will give and plenty of ideas they can offer on how to avoid inefficient nurses.  After the party, you already have ideas on what considerations that should be top priority.
  2. Organize a Search with Employment as Rewards. It is similar to a job search wherein you post a want ad.  In this exciting method, you create a contest where friends and relatives are the judges.  The contestants will undergo several elimination processes such as questions and answer portions and role playing. Of course, it has no swimsuit competition and long gown preliminaries.  The advantage of this fun method is you have other people help you decide which one to hire.
  3. Travel. This is similar to road movies that you have seen before.  In this method, you invite prospective persons for a travel with you.  It may be a stroll in the park, window shopping, eating out, and other activities that will last a day only.  In this fun and exciting strategy, you get the chance to discover more about your future private nurses.  It is important that you are really comfortable with him or her as life is at stake here.  Knowing more intimate details about the person, you are confident that he or she is not a member of black widow specie; ones that are known to kill their own patients. 
  4. Offer A Reward. It is finders’ keeper mode.  In this plan, you do not have to get out of your way to search for private nurses. You let other people give you recommendations and you let agencies present their offers to you.  It is like saying if you cannot make Mohammed go to the mountains, let the mountain come to Mohammed.  You will be amazed with the number of recommendations and value added offers that you will receive in this method.

                Do try the methods above and you'll surely find the nurse you need.