A baby shower is a fun event and planning for one can get challenging. The most important thing to be tackled is planning out the invitations and the decorations. Planning these can be as tiring as exciting as you might generate a number of baby shower ideas and you will be only too overwhelmed to pick one. Let's go through some of the great baby shower ideas and tips on how to be creative while choosing the invites and decors.

Baby Shower Invitations

Invitation cards are the first step in hosting any event and a baby shower is no different from others. You can get these cards in different shapes and sizes and can make them on a particular theme. What's could be more exciting than making one of those invitation cards on your own using your personal computer and printer. This way you can print a personalized text into each one of them. You can also attempt a hand made card, if the guest list is not too long. What better way to publicize your creative bone.

An off tangential invitation would be the In-A-Bottle baby shower invitations. These can be a bit expensive, but will really impress the recipients. You can make these on your own adding your personal touch with those empty bottles lying around in your house. Plastic baby bottles will be a perfect choice for this kind of invitation as it is both thematic and innovative. You can put your creative side of the brain to test and come up with wonderful ideas to decorate these bottles. Adding a bunch of colored ribbons or some of you home made cookies can really spice it up.

Candy Wrapper Baby Shower Invites are really cool and a fun choice when it comes to choosing baby shower invites. Print the shower details on the wrapper of a candy bar and viola, a simple and sweet invite is ready.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas

What best than diaper cakes to be used as the center piece on your shower. Though you have the option of getting a ready made diaper cake, you can also consider making a simple one. If you are hosting a baby shower for a expecting mom, then you can display the cake as a center piece and can gift it when the part is over. Making a diaper cake is simple. You will need a lot of diapers and you will have to attach those using pins or glues. You can get as creative as you can when you are making one. You can wrap each layer with towels and can add surprise gifts in each layer. Need to top it off with an amazing gift, get a cuddly bear. As moms-to-be will be in need of lot of these diapers for the arriving baby, a diaper cake will be one of the best and useful decoration in a baby shower which can double as a gift.

A gift basket will also make a great decorative centre piece and can double as a gift. The gift baskets are available off the shelf in all the baby stores in the market. If you want to make one on your own then go ahead as it is simple too. Get an assortment of baby care products like baby clothing, creams, soaps, shampoos, blankets, diapers, baby bottle and make a personalized basket. You can add a decorative touch to it by wrapping it in a cellophane paper and securing it using a ribbon.

When you are on the look out for ideas for a baby shower sky is the limit. A mom-to-be will be in constant need of all the baby care products and you can pick and choose anything to make a wonderful gift and double it up as a décor. This is also an opportunity for you to expose the creative side of yours in conjuring up an exciting baby shower.