The basement is more than just an extra room and an extra floor in your house. It has such promise considering the great space you have. If you have decided that it's time to turn your basement into more than just a storage room, consider these great basement remodeling ideas that will turn your extra room into a hit.

• Basements are great as entertainment rooms. It's good to have parties and entertain guests in this room since it's located at the bottom of the building and won't disturb the household mates who are sleeping upstairs. You just have to figure out what you want.

Are you into movies? If you are, having a big flat screen TV in the basement would make it the most popular room. If you are into sports, you can turn it into your own personal haven of sports collection. You can even have fantasy baseball or football nights in the room and not disturb the rest of your family members.

• Basements are also good spaces for basement bars and pool tables. Home parties will never be boring!

• Always consider that basement remodeling ideas are not just for using your extra room for entertainment. If your teen is getting too big for his/her tiny room, maybe it's time you turn your basement into a teen haven. A basement room is cool and your teen will surely love the idea.

Instead of forcing your basement to turn into an ordinary four-room wall, make the best out of its unusual shape. For example, the space beneath the stairs can be paneled and used as a space for your teen's work desk. Better yet, it's a good space for the bed. Teens would love its unusual shape.

Basement remodeling ideas are not limited to what you can research online or find in the books, remember that your basement renovation can be anything you want – a gym, a crafts room, a studio, a movie room, or a even a game room.

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