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Find a Fun Gift for Your Grandparents

There’s a time and place for everything; a time to be emotional and serious, and a time to have fun, let loose and be silly. The gifts on this list are for the times you want to be silly and have a little fun. While some people may feel they have to give sentimental or ‘warm and fuzzy’ type gifts to their grandparents, you must remember that your grandmother and grandfather would also like to have a good laugh now and again. In addition, if your grandparents have a sense of humor you shouldn’t worry about giving them a little gag gift now and then, however, you might also want to have a nice present waiting for them to open, after they open the funny one (just a little tip).

If you would like to see a list of sentimental and personal gift ideas for your grandmother or grandfather, see the article “Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents.” Unlike the gifts on this list which are meant to be fun and silly, these ideas are more traditional. However, if you would like to put a smile on your grandparent’s faces this Christmas, try giving them a gift from this list. These items also make great stocking stuffers or gifts for other occasions. This Christmas, give your grandparents the gift of laughter!

Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents


 Funny Gifts: Tattoos for the ElderlyCredit:

Tattoos for the Elderly

This is one of the funniest and silliest gifts that I found. If your grandparents enjoy a good laugh or a fun tattoo, this present makes a great joke gift. The box includes 13 “old school” tattoos for your “old school” grandparents.




Fun Gifts: Retro Candy Gift BoxCredit:

Retro Candy Gift Box

These candy gift boxes are full of the favorite retro candy of each decade, beginning with 1940 through and including 1990. Each box contains over 50 pieces of small, medium and full size candies. Please note, some items may be substituted when necessary. The box size is approximately 9"x5"x10."



 Fun Gifts: Grandparent Talk Conversation CardsCredit:

Grandparent Talk Conversation Cards

 This conversation starter comes with 100 cards and is a great way for grandchildren to connect with and hear family stories from their grandparents. The cards are durable and the deck is attached to a carabineer clip, making them portable and easy to use anywhere. Great for small and large family get-togethers, these cards are a must for anyone who is lucky enough to have grandparents.


Fun Gifts: Disappearing Civil Liberties MugCredit:

Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug

 It doesn’t matter if your grandparents are Republican, Democrat, belong to another political party, or none at all; this mug will keep them smiling and talking as they see their ‘rights’ disappear with their morning cup of coffee. Just pour a hot beverage into the mug and the heat-sensitive Bill of Rights fades away.



Fun Gifts: Sarah Palin BuddyCredit:

Sarah Palin Buddy

If your grandparents say “You betcha” when asked if they’re Sarah Palin fans, you’ll want to get them the Sarah Palin Buddy. Its fun for both Republicans and Democrats and this “Mama Grizzly” is machine washable.




Fun Gifts: How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack BookCredit:

How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack Book by Chuck Sambuchino

Forget about the threat of monsters and vampires, you need to watch out for garden gnomes! This funny and fun book is great for people who love garden gnomes and a humorous read.




Fun Gifts: Personalized Grandma and Grandpa's Gang on SofaCredit:

Personalized Grandma and Grandpa's Gang on Sofa by Danny Gu

 Make this fun gift a personalized one by including the names of family members. This ‘gang’ includes a grandma and grandpa bear, plus four additional bears; however, you can find larger bear families. The price will vary depending on the customization.


Fun Gifts: Why Does Grandma Have a Wibble? BookCredit:"Why Does Grandma Have a Wibble?" Book

 In the spirit of “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” this book provides a humorous look into the unusual and sometimes comical questions children ask their grandparents. “Why Does Grandma Have a Wibble” is full of personal adolescent observations by more than 300 children, ages 4-12. This is a fun gift idea for Grandmothers with a great sense of humor.



Fun Gifts: Eye Glasses HolderCredit:


Made by a group of craftsmen in India, this holder is perfect for the person who is always misplacing their glasses. With an eye glasses holder, you’ll always know where to find your specks.  The holder is a hand-carved wooden statuette and perfect for holding your glasses when you're not using them.

Handmade of sustainable Shisham wood, native to the Indian subcontinent, bought under supervision and quota from the government of India (which sells the wood of dead trees). The glasses do not come with the holder.

 Freudian SlippersCredit:

Freudian Slippers

These plush and comfy Sigmund Freud slippers come complete with built-in ‘sock tongues’ for Freudian Fun. These are great gifts for psychiatric professionals, fans of the father of psychoanalysis, or anyone who adores fun slippers.



Fun Gifts: Golf SlippersCredit:

Golf Slippers

This is a must for the golf ‘nut’ in your family! Soft padded, humorous and comfortable golf slippers are fun for those grandparents who enjoy playing a round of 9 or 18 holes. The slippers are skid proof and available in black or brown, in sizes S, M, L, and XL.



Fun Gifts: The Pi DishCredit:

The Pi Dish

The Pi Dish is great for the grandmother or grandfather who loves to bake and enjoys a good mathematical problem now and then. The dish is glazed stoneware.




Fun Gifts: Gangster GraterCredit:


Gangster Grater

The stainless steel Gangster Grater is shaped to look like a gangster mobile, with bullet holes for grating cheese and adding fun to your meals. The tire can be used as measuring tool for a single serving of spaghetti.  


Fun Gifts: ProToastCredit:

ProToast (MLB San Francisco Giants Toaster)

This toaster makes such a unique and fun gift for the grandparents who are baseball fans. The retro style toaster displays their favorite team’s logo on the outside, while also toasting bread with the team's logo.




Fun Gifts: Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers Door StopWizard Of Oz Credit: FunGift.comRuby Slippers Door Stop

A solid metal doorstop that looks just like the Wicked Witch of the East did after Dorothy's house fell on her. These shimmering ruby slippers are a unique and decorative collectible item and are 4.25" long




These are just a few of the fun Christmas gift ideas for grandparents and you can find them all, plus more, at “Find Gift” (dot com). Happy shopping!

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