Greenhouses can extend your gardening season


Gardeners can fall in love with gardening. If you are one of those people who want to work with plants all year round, the winter can be a frustrating time of year. Even cold snaps in spring and autumn can cut the gardening season short. And almost everyone lives in a climate that makes it difficult to grow everything that would be fun.

Plastic fabric greenhouse kit at workCredit: Photo by Jane Gates

If you really love gardening consider adding a greenhouse to your property. With a protected outdoor room you can grow flowers that would never thrive in your climate, harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs out of season or propagate your own favorite plants for free. With a greenhouse you can enjoy working out in the garden no matter what the weather.

You may think a greenhouse is only something for the rich and famous, but these structures come in many different sizes, styles, shapes, materials and prices. You can add a glassed-in house to your home with an attached room as a glazed extension or with an inexpensive lean-to styled kit. You can build a glamorous Victorian glasshouse that will impress all your friends and neighbors with its intricate style. Or you can build an easy, inexpensive, do-it-yourself structure out of bent PVC and heavy-duty clear plastic. In short, there are many ways to have a greenhouse; something for every taste or budget. That means that you can have more productive time gardening than you’ve ever had before.

Adding a greenhouse to your property will give you an opportunity to expand your gardening skills to the rare and unusual -- like growing orchids, for example, a chance to learn more about propagation; starting your own seeds or cuttings indoors, and will offer a way to garden all year round even in difficult climates. The concept of growing plants in a contained glass or plastic house creates the possibility of controlling your garden environment while blocking cold and wind. It can let you add humidity in dry climates or even keep out too much water in rainy weather. Depending on how much work and expense you want to put into your structure, you can add fans, vents, humidifiers or heaters. You can add lights or block too much sun with shade cloth or special paints. Regulating the environment will allow you to start seeded plants early, grow exotic tropical plants that might not otherwise survive, and can even help extend the growing season for edible plants.

Look into all the choices available in greenhouses to see which will best fit your gardening needs, budget and lifestyle. Some buildings are designed to be decorative and even add a focal point to your garden. Some are large and offer multiple uses. Yet others are small enough to fit into even a small yard. All will offer you a chance to expand your growing possibilities and provide fun in the garden even if the weather doesn't want to cooperate.