With toy racing tracks featuring Lightning McQueen and his friends from the movies Cars and Cars 2, kids can pretend that they are living the excitement of the World Grand Prix.  Whether you are looking for a big track or a small track, there are quite a few good options to look at.  Many of the tracks below involve a lot of interaction by the child playing with the cars, and all are a lot of fun.  What could be better than sitting down with Lightning McQueen, Mater, Francesco, Finn McMissile, and the rest of the crew?  These tracks and the corresponding cars that go along with them will lead to afternoons of fun reliving the great scenes from the Cars movies.

Where to Buy Toy Race Tracks Featuring the Characters from Cars

One of the great things about purchasing toy race tracks featuring the characters from the Cars movies is that they are available almost everywhere.

Many people enjoy the convenience of shopping online.  Internet shopping gives you the ability to search from the comfort of your home for just the right product at just the right price.  The first place you will probably want to look for these tracks is at Amazon.  Amazon has a wide selection of Lightning McQueen race track ideas at a variety of prices.  It is easy to search and you can read a lot of reviews that can give you a good idea of the quality of the toy you are looking to purchase.

After Amazon, another great place to look is eBay.  eBay also has a great selection of Lightning McQueen toys and race tracks.  Some of the merchandise is new and some of it is used.  In either case, you usually have the option of bidding on the item or buying it for a fixed price.  What this allows you to do is wait for the price you are willing to pay.  There is no need to look all over.  eBay has protections in place for both buyers and sellers so that the process is enjoyable for everyone.

Another place where you can find toy race tracks is on Craigslist.  Craigslist is a site where people sell their used stuff, and many times this includes toys.  Most of the items on Craigslist are used, so you will want to investigate to determine the quality of the toys on the site, but you can usually find a good deal.  Since Craigslist involves more seller and buyer communication you can typically negotiate a good price.

If online purchases do not suit your needs, stores everywhere sell Cars and Lightning McQueen merchandise.  Toy race tracks can be found at retail stores like Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and many more.  The selection is huge, and in fact, most of these stores have sections dedicated to Cars and Cars 2 items.  When you purchase in person you can get a good look to help you decide if you actually want to buy.

Here are two of the better options for Lightning McQueen toy tracks available.

Fisher Price Shake 'n Go World Grand Prix

Fisher Price Shake 'n Go World Grand Prix Cars Race TrackCredit: amazon.comThe Fisher Price Shake 'n Go World Grand Prix toy race track uses toy cars that rev up and move after being shaken.  The person playing with the tracks picks up the car, shakes it back and forth a few times, and places it down on the starting line.  After a couple of seconds, the car takes off on its own and races around the track a few times.  The Shake 'n Go World Grand Prix comes with both Lightning McQueen and Francesco.  The track is set up so that they both can run at the same time.

One of the best things about this toy track is that it gives a real sense of a World Grand Prix race from Cars 2.  Part of the track resembles a cobblestone roadway, and there is a television camera that can be moved to knock a car off of the track, a nod to the camera that flames out the racers in the movie.  The track is easy to assemble and works well.  When the cars are shaken appropriately, they actually move very quickly.

A downside of the track is that shaking the cars can get tiring, especially for parents who might not have the same energy as their child.  The cars go around the track for about 10-20 seconds before stopping, meaning that there is a lot of manual effort required to play with this track.

Still, it is a fun toy track to play with.

Cars Micro Drifters Super Speedway Playset

Cars Micro Drifters Super Speedway Playset Toy Race TrackCredit: amazon.comThe Cars Micro Drifters Super Speedway Playset is a fast paced toy race track that is a lot of fun to play, for both kids and adults.  The track utilizes the micro drifter cars, which are small cars that have a ball bearing built into the bottom of them.  The cars roll on the ball bearing down the track.  When the cars reach the bottom, a battery powered wheel shoots them back up to the top of the track, where they begin their slide back down to the bottom.

This track can be a tad difficult to assemble, but it's not hard, especially once you have put it together once.  There is a lot of action, especially if there are a lot of cars on the track as they are constantly being shot to the top.

The biggest downside to this track is that the batteries tend to run down fairly quickly.  But a lot of fun can be had until that time.  The only other downside that I can think of is that the track only comes with one car.  However, extra cars can be bought.

Toy Race Tracks are So Much Fun with Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen is one of the most famous animated characters of all time, and there are tons of toys out there with his image on them.  Since he is a racecar it makes complete sense that there are fun race tracks out there where kids can have fun pretending to be Lightning and his friends.

With these two Lightning McQueen toy race tracks, fun can be had by all.