My Pumpkin

Credit: Erin Buttermore

3D Paper Pumpkin Craft

This is so simple to make, and all you really need to have is tape and orange and green paper. To make it more interesting, you can add other colors.

1.) Cut out four long pieces of colored construction paper about 1.5 inches wide. Start at the very top of paper and cut down lengthwise all the way to the bottom.

2.) Cut out additional strips all about 1" wide. I used about two pieces all together. Originally I was going to keep adding more until there were no gaps, but decided it looked pretty good already.

3.) Start by glueing or taping the four big strips together crosswise so that when you pull them up to meet, they form almost a round ball shape. When you lay them across though, be sure to leave a space in the middle. If you have each corner meet, you will be left with a small little square. This will help you out closer to the end of the project.  Then continue to tape or glue (I think tape works best for this, but glue might look better) the other pieces in a fan-like arrangement all the way around.

4.) The next part is tricky - you have to attach these all at the top. In order to do this you might have to stick your hands inside of the round ball. Start with the wider strips and try to again leave a little space at the top. This is when you might find tape is the best way to tackle this. You can stick your fingers in through this gap, and pull the paper strip up to stick easily to the middle inside. Pay attention to how each strip is placed because this will definatley affect the roundness of your pumpkin. When using tape, it is easy to adjust these things.

5.) If you still have more paper you want to add, but you can't pull them up through the inside, You can try attaching them on the outside. Remember that you can add a stem to hide any pieces sticking up on top.

6.) Roll up a piece of colored paper into an almost cone shape - you want to roll it a few times to make it strong, then glue or tape the end to secure. Try to cut or pull out a little extra paper to attach to the top of the pumpkin. Lightly push down on it to get a slightly curved look, add some eyes, nose and mouth cut out of paper, and you are done! 

My Daughter's Craft

More Paper Pumpkins!
Credit: Rebeeca Buttermore

My daughter did not really have an interest in making the 3-D pumpkin. I think it was just because she likes to do everything herself and come up with her own ideas. That is just what she did here. If you have a child that doesn't want to do anything too complicated give this a try.



For this my daughter simply cut out a "pumpkin" shape out of orange paper. Then she drew out her black cat and cut it out. Then she simply glued the cat to the pumpkin, added a green stem with a leaf, and drew a nice little face.

Your children can get quite creative with this. Instead of a cat, they could do a witch or a ghost. The pumpkin can be made bigger or smaller (although it might be hard to make it bigger than a piece of paper), and kids can make any kind of jack o' lantern face they want to.




I told her that we should do some kind of monster since Halloween is really about scary things. Even though she can be scared of them, she has a lot of fun playing the game "monster". Apparently, she thought this was a super idea and went on to make the most awesome scary and interesting paper monsters ever! Here is what she came up see what your children can think of.

6 legged creature