The Kangaroo seems to always be associated with Australia, and the Kangaroo is the worldwide icon logo of Australia.

Australia is famous and well-known for many things, but the Kangaroo is the one thing that is always associated with Australia.

When you think of Kangaroos you tend to automatically think of Australia, and when you think of Kangaroos you tend to smile while you think, because the Kangaroo is truly a funny animal.


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Attacks on humans by Kangaroos are rare, but not unheard of. Usually it seems that a Kangaroo attacks when a tourist steps to close to the kangaroo in order to snap a picture. The Kangaroo may punch the person or jump up and kick the person Jackie Chan style. Deaths from a kangaroo attack are extremely rare but they do occur. It is more likely that the Kangaroos are killed by humans, because traffic and Kangaroos are not on friendly terms, and the Kangaroo crossing signs on the roads in Australia do not prevent accidents.


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Attacks on Kangaroo by birds was thought to be fantasy relegated to the Aboriginal mythology beliefs by people outside of Australia and the Outback region; but recently this not only occurred but was also caught on tape[3277]. In fact multiple bird attacks on kangaroos have been caught on tape. Most of these bird attacks that are caught on tape occur in the zoo; however the video below shows a wedge tail eagle swooping in on a Kangaroo. People who are from Australia or are familiar with Kangaroos know that they have very few natural predators, but wedge tailed eagles are one of their main predators. Wedge tail eagles commonly attack kangaroos and then will eat them. If a kangaroo gets hit by a car and killed it is often followed up by some wedge tail eagles showing up for a picnic.

There are many kangaroos that are raised from an infant and trained to work with humans for entertainment value. In the video below we see one of these kangaroos that are trained to work with humans. This kangaroo has boxing gloves on and is supposed to spar lightly with the male handler but what happens instead is the excited kangaroo is a bit frisky and starts punching and kicking. This kangaroo is definitely not following the script he was trained with.

You are constantly in danger if you have any interaction with kangaroos. Seemingly calm kangaroos may get a wild hair up their butt and decide to pull childish pranks like kicking a kid into the water. Anytime you get the chance to see kangaroo you need to always be aware and let the kangaroo have his space.  A punch or kick from a kangaroo can easily break bones and potentially cause internal bleeding that could lead to death.

Movies such as Kangaroo Jack help to romanticize the coolness factor of kangaroos, but children as well as adults need to constantly be aware that you should not simply walk up to a “Roo” and pet it like you would a housecat.

There are different species of kangaroos. The Red Kangaroo is the largest of the various kangaroo species. A red kangaroo can hop up to 44 MPH. A Red Kangaroo has evolved to be able to cover very long distances in a relatively short time. The kangaroo is one of the most unique animals we have on our planet.

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