Fun Fall Activities

Fun Fall Activities

Fall is the time of year when the temperatures start to cool, the daylight hours become shorter, the leaves change color and we prepare for all the winter holidays.

Are you looking for some fun fall activities that are free or very inexpensive? There are many things you can do with children, as a family, a group or a couple that you may want to consider. These ideas will get you outdoors, increase your activity level, boost your energy and make you feel good.

Ideas for Fun Fall Activities

Road Trip - take a ride through the country to view all the beautiful fall leaf colors. Enjoy the vivid reds, oranges, yellows, gold, mustard and wine colors. Stop along your route and pick some of the branches to decorate your home for the fall. Bring a camera along to capture photographs of your trip and create lasting memories.

Apple Picking – is so much fun if you find a nearby orchard that allows you to pick your own fruit. They'll have the apple picking equipment, you just follow the paths in the orchard and pick apples until you have what you need for fresh fruit eating, baking a pie or two or freezing for future use.

Take a Hay Ride – many local communities offer hay rides that are inexpensive and will guide you along a tour of a farm area, through the fields, down a long and winding country road or through a pumpkin patch. Investigate hay rides in your area and bring the whole family along for a breath of fresh or brisk air!

Apple Festival – find a local apple festival in your area. You'll find everything apple related at this fun fall activity from fresh apples to eat, crafts with apple themes, decorations for the home, clothing or apple cider. Many apple festivals also offer cooking demonstrations that teach the many different ways to use apples in cooking, baking and everyday eating. You'll probably be able to do a little of your holiday shopping at a local apple festival in your area and check some items off your to-do list a little early!

Wine Festival – many areas of the country grow grapes to produce jellies, jams, wines and the fall season is when these grapes come into harvest time. Find a wine festival in your area and take advantage of the free tasting offerings. It's also a great way to find and purchase local items for your gift giving list this holiday season.

County Fairs – almost every community offers a yearly county fair held during the fall season. If you haven't been to one for a while, bring the family and explore all the different animals, homegrown vegetables, crafts and make it a great learning experience for everyone.

Play in the Leaves – rake up a huge pile of leaves and have fun jumping in them, tossing them, burying someone in the leaves and rake them up again. Encourage children to get outside and play for fun, exercise and improved overall health and wellness.

Make a Scarecrow – use old jeans, an old flannel shirt, some jute rope, old shoes and hat and stuff the clothing with leaves, hay or other old clothing. Set it in the yard or on the porch with an old broom for the neighbors and children to enjoy.

Decorate Your Home – using the leaves, branches, pinecones and other vegetation that you find during the fall. Fill bowls and vases to give your home a touch of the colors of autumn.

Create Crafts – using some of your newfound fall branches and leaves find ways to use them in craft projects that could involve the children to keep them occupied and to encourage their imagination.

Host a Halloween Costume Party – Decorate your home for the spooky holiday, invite some friends over for a fun time, dancing and yummy snacks. Create a Halloween party theme.

Dress up as your favorite character and wear a costume to get in the spirit of the holiday.

Consider making your own costume and get the kids involved as a way to teach them sewing, gluing techniques and encourage their imaginations.

Keep your beverages simple such as apple cider cold or as a warm drink. Tell spooky stories as a fun party activity.

Bake – create fall themed baked goods that the family can make together such as cupcakes, cakes, finger foods that resemble or are shaped like leaves and spooky creatures. Baking can be a great time for family conversation and relationship building while also a teaching experience for young children.

Cooking Class – enroll in a local cooking class to enhance your skills in the kitchen. Look for basic cooking or more enhanced cooking lessons for those more experienced.

You'll find many new ideas in how to use different types of foods, ways to present them, knife skills, using more seafood in meals as well as learn terms such as poaching, braising, roasting or sautéing. Taking a cooking class is also a great way to encourage an interest in food, nutrition and health for other members of the family.

Tour a Haunted House – many local communities take advantage of the fall weather and offer spooky haunted house tours. If you're up for a scare, find a haunted house and take the whole family for silly fun.

Corn Maze – many of the rural areas of a community create a corn maze from the corn fields that have already harvested their corn. Find a local corn maze in your area, take the family or a group of friends for this fun, outdoor fall activity. You may like it so well that it becomes a yearly tradition.

Take a Hike – pack a picnic lunch, wear jeans, a sweater, jacket and hiking suitable shoes and head out to your local park or hiking trail. Bring along binoculars and a camera to take photographs of the different birds and foliage you'll see along the way. Enjoy the crisp fall air, company and get some exercise at the same time.

Use your imagination and creativity to think of other fun fall activities that will involve your family and friends, increase your activity level and improve your overall health and wellness at the same time!