The next time you take in food into your mouth, you should first think what good it will do your body. This is the proper mind set that you should have if you want to get rid of your belly fat quickly.

The food that you eat can potentially negate the flat stomach workouts that you make. It can even give you a bigger belly fat problem later on.

What you eat should be based on how you visualize your stomach should be.

If you want hunches, then you should eat food rich in protein to help muscles grow fast. If you simply want it to be slimmer, cutting off carbohydrates and calories is the right food for you.

In terms of the flat stomach workouts, it should be comprised of four parts: lower, side, middle and upper abdominal exercises.

For middle and upper abdominal parts, here are some workouts that do not need the use of an exercise machine and which you can do at the comforts of your home:

2.butt raise;
3.fingers to toes abdominal crunches;
4.straight arm crunches;
5.sit ups;
6.toe touchers;
7.tuck crunches.

For the sides, here are the convenient workouts that you can do at home:

1.flutter kick side crunches;
2.fingers to heel side touchers;
3.side crunches;
4.elbow to knee side crunches;
5.lying side oblique crunches;
6.side twists;
7.lying side leg raises.

For the lower part, which is actually the most challenging part of the flat stomach workouts, here is the list of exercises that you can do right in your room:

1.bent knee hip raises;
2.leg pull ins;
3.leg raises;
4.flutter kicks.

You can do the said workouts safely until you tire out as long as you execute it perfectly. If you want to get the most of your workout for the abs, there are other exercises which can only be done with the use of gym equipment.

If you can not afford buying one, then signing up with your local gym will certainly provide you access to these equipment.

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