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Dice are often used with games

Playing games together as a family is a delightful way to spend quality time with your children.

Board games have been played around the world throughout history. Many cultures even created and played them before they developed a written language! One of the oldest board games is called Senet, which is pictured in frescos in Egyptian tombs. More recent choices include chess and checkers, as well as all the commercial ones which are available in stores today.

Board games have remained popular for centuries. Even today, with the popularity of video games, many board games are making a comeback. They are cheaper than most of the video games on the market. The whole family can enjoy them at the same time. Many families who regularly play together will even buy a special table, so the games can be left out for days. You can easily have a conversation while playing with your family. If the phone rings, or someone needs to run to the bathroom, everyone can take a short break. You can put them aside while you have dinner or watch your favorite television show. You can even return and continue the next day!

While I have listed below some of my family favorites, you may want to check out virtually every choice available in the United States by using this quick Amazon link to all of their board games.

Amazon has virtually every choice imaginable ... and many at discount prices.  What are some popular board games you may want to buy and keep on hand for your family to enjoy?


Monopoly Games, such as those available from Amazon, have long been one of the most popular ways to teach children about finance. It is a fun and enjoyable way to teach your children about money, owning real estate, investing in houses, and collecting rent. It is also slow paced, which allows everyone to relax and spend some pleasant time with each other. Monopoly is based both on luck and strategy. Players role the dice and move around the board, sometimes picking up cards that give them special instructions. However, the players must also decide how much of their money they should invest in real estate, houses and hotels. These decisions ultimately will decide whether they win or lose. The combination of both luck and strategy makes this a popular choice with people of all ages. The one downside is that it can last a very long time. In fact, it is not unusual for it to take days to complete.

In response to this problem, it is now possible to buy Monopoly Junior which only takes about 20 minutes to play. This is a fun alternative when you just want to play a quick round with your children before bedtime.

Chess and Checkers

Checkers is an easy game that can be taught even to young children. Once they have learned to play, and feel comfortable with it, you can begin to teach them chess. Chess uses the same board as checkers, but the pieces are much more elaborate. In fact, I have seen them made from beautifully carved wood, marble, onyx and even bone. Chess requires the child to learn different strategies and think ahead, so it is helpful for intellectual development.


Backgammon involves dice and a board. Although you can play it without understanding odds, eventually you will want to study the odds that you or your opponent have of rolling certain combinations of dice. Knowing the odds will help you decide how to move your pieces. This is also a game that helps teach children about numbers and strategy.


Risk is a game in which two or more players use diplomacy to make deals with each other. Like most of the other choices shown here, it can be purchased from Amazon or at many toy stores. When the players team up to defeat a stronger opponent, sometimes feelings can get hurt. If your family is very competitive, you may want to be aware of this before you include Risk in your family library. However, it can be delightful to children who are allowed to gang up on a parent, so they can conspire together to win! If the parents are good sports, they may lose the game, but win the love and admiration of their kids.


Clue is a fun classic that has delighted mystery lovers for years. In this choice, everyone tries to solve the mystery of who was murdered, where it happened, and the weapon that was used. Consequently, you will hear phrases such as "Colonel Mustard, in the drawing room, with the candlestick." The excitement of trying to solve the crime inspires lots of laughter.

Candy Land

 Candy Land is delightful for young children. It is one of the first board games that many children play. It is simple to play, and designed so that even non-readers can enjoy it, whether or not they have an adult around. Success is more a matter of luck than strategy, which makes it easier for young children, since they do not have to make any decisions. As children get older, they may get bored with Candy Land, although many families enjoy playing it together long after the youngest children are able to read.


Sorry relies on a deck of cards that are shuffled at the beginning of the game. The cards determine the how the players move around the board. Therefore, like Candy Land, your chance of winning or losing is more a matter of luck. This is another fun choice for kids.

If you want to read about even more choices than those that I've listed here, don't forget you can can use this direct link to board games from  Their selection is exceptional and each description will give you detailed information about the game.  You can even read reviews!

Trivia Games

Trivia games are an entertaining way to learn all sorts of interesting facts. They are well designed educational games for kids and adults. When we lived in Texas, our children enjoyed playing Texas Trivia. Later, when they took Texas history in school, they already knew a lot of interesting facts. However, Trivia games are not only about learning history or culture. They are also a fun way to put to use the facts we already know about a subject. For example, one of our granddaughters is a fan of the Twilight books and movies. She loves playing the Twilight Game, which requires the players to know some Twilight trivia.


Scrabble is a delightful game for word lovers. Each player uses wooden tiles to spell out words which are laid out on the board like a crossword puzzle. As the words and the puzzle grow more complex, it becomes more and more challenging to come up with a word that will score a lot of points. Although this is not a game for young children, it can be fun for teens who like to challenge themselves and their parents!


Pictionary is a delightful party game. Everyone is divided into two teams. There is no game board; instead you need a large pad of paper which can be used for drawing. One player chooses a card and then that player has to draw pictures that will inspire the other members of his team to guess what he is drawing. When the truth is revealed, it is usually followed by squeals of laughter!

Card Games

Although not actually board games, card games are also a fun way for families to spend the evening together. They are a great way to teach children about numbers and their values. There are many card games which your family might enjoy. For example, there are always the old standbys that you can play with a traditional pack of cards. War has long been popular with young children. And, Solitaire is a relaxing game for a child who is bored. Other card games, such as Uno, Skippo and Phase Ten require special decks of cards. These are great games to have on hand when you want to keep your children entertained at a restaurant, airport or even in a doctor's waiting room.

Games make delightful gifts for adults, children and families. Some of the smaller ones, like card games, can be tossed in a purse, or packed in a suitcase when your family goes on a trip. They are a pleasant way to spend time together with friends and family, and will bring many pleasant memories. Hopefully, your family will enjoy spending some time with these delightful alternatives to video games!

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