In the same way as our bodies, our brains need regular activity to stay in good shape. In spite of this, lots of people don't think about intellectual exercises a lot when they arrive at the upper half of their life. Fortunately mental fitness doesn't have to make us gasp and sweat, and it can even be entertaining. In just a few moments each day, you will be able to learn how to improve short term memory with easy games that you can do in your own home. What's more, your entire household may wish to get a piece of the action once they find out what a great time it can be to give your mind a workout.

How Much Can You Remember: This is an enjoyable pastime that is commonly played at parties and showers, however it is also a great exercise to train yourself how to improve short term memory. Put around twelve items on a table and allow everybody several moments to study them. Cover the items with a blanket and invite everybody to list as many as they are able to recall. Once everybody has had a bit of time to write down whichever of the objects they can remember, take off the cover and see who memorized the most. A variation on this is to examine a room for a few minutes and then shut your eyes. See how many red items you can remember. After you have named all you can, open your eyes and see which ones you missed. This is a terrific activity that can be played just about anywhere.

Memory Matching: This is one of the best activities to give your mind a challenge. The game is played with cards that are placed face down on a surface. Turn over two cards at a time and try to make a match. You can also come across plenty of matching games on the internet. For twice the rewards, try playing this game with your children. They will improve their ability to concentrate at the same time as you learn how to improve short term memory problems.

Trivia: This is one more great way to learn how to improve short term memory since it forces your mind to summon up all sorts of information from days gone by. From the classic Trivial Pursuit game to various up-to-the-minute games on the internet, you will be able to find plenty of trivia to keep you busy. In fact, there are also books of trivia puzzles that you can go through by yourself to keep your mind performing at maximum power. You may even learn some interesting information that you never realized till now.

Learning how to improve short term memory can be as painless as indulging in a couple of mind games every day. Whether you opt to engage in a memory game with the kids or surf the web for online challenges, you can develop your ability to recall things at any phase in your life.