Garden Fun!

Here are some fun garden party ideas to use for a great way to get together with friends and celebrate your collective green thumbs. If you like getting together and doing something social and you love to garden, you need to have a garden party this year. It is great fun and you will certainly learn something from your fellow gardener's at the same time.

What is a garden party? Simple, it is any event that includes gardeners or gardeners-to-be that has a theme that includes one or more things about gardening. It is fun, social, and educational. Gardeners will love it as long as there is some gardening entertainment. Check out these great and fun garden party ideas.

Seed Exchange

Having a seed exchange is a popular way for gardeners to share the fruit of their earlier season's labor. This works great if you have some heirloom vegetable gardener's in the group, as these little seeds are rather expensive to buy every year but can be harvested easily if you know how to do it. Why not plan so the gang will have some seeds ready for a late winter seed exchange at the garden party.

Seedling Exchange

Gardener's all over like to start plants from seeds, but when planting things like peppers and tomatoes it is common to have more seeds than you need. There is a solution for this problem. Have a garden party! Instead of growing just what you need and disposing of the extra seeds, grow extra seedlings and bring the along for a seedling exchange. This is a great way for gardeners to get more variety without spending the money on too many seeds. Plus, you will find seeds for varieties that you can't find at the local nursery, so your garden will be even more interesting this year.

Row Marker Painting

One of the coolest gardens I have seen had small hand-made and painted signs for rows like carrots, onions, and peppers. Why not have a get together with wooden squares and stakes ready for painting and have a painting garden party. It will be fun, social, and every gardener at the party will go home with extremely unusual and cute garden markers for their favorite vegetables this year. Take pictures because this will be a fun event that you will want to capture for future reference.

Garden Goodies

Ask gardener's to bring things from their garden last year. If you have people who can items from the garden, you may end up with appetizers like dill pickles, dishes like soup with beans, or goodies like salsa made from someone's garden tomatoes, peppers, and onions. If this becomes an annual event you will inspire the group to think of what to do next year to bring along to the garden party. Even better, have a canning exchange and invite gardener's to bring extra canned good to share.

Picture Contest

Every gardener likes to see great pictures of the perfect vegetable or flower from the garden. Ask the attendees to bring a few of their best pictures from last year and put them on display for everyone to see. Make a secret ballot box and let everyone vote for their three favorites. Then, all in good fun, count the votes once they are all in and declare the greatest garden picture of the year. Chances are, when you get together next year for the garden party the quality of the images will go up considerably as the competition kicks up a notch.

Teach and Learn

How about learning something new? Ask every attendee to prepare a single page on a gardening topic, like a single document page, and bring as many copies as there are attendees as the garden party. Topics could be whatever they know about, canning, growing big onions, or how to repel the cabbage worm. Then, have them all compiled into "booklets" that every gardener gets to bring home. You will learn something putting your sheet together and get several more to bring home and learn from. After a few years, imagine the library of knowledge that you will own!

Taste Testing

When the garden season is in full force, have a taste testing garden party. If you really want to know whether you should try different varieties of vegetables the best way is to taste them. Invite the group together with samples of their favorite tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans, lettuce, or whatever they grow. Sample, discuss, and learn all about them. You will then know exactly what you want to grow next season.

Fun Garden Party Ideas Are Everywhere!

As you can see, you are only limited by your imagination. I'm sure there are more garden party ideas out there. Why not pick a few of these and enjoy a garden party this year?