Gun Shaped Egg Fryer

When I was a kid, in order to get me to eat eggs, my mom used to soft boil my eggs, then cut toast up into strips and told me the cut up bread were soldiers. I would then dip my soldiers in the egg yolk, like the soldier was killing the egg.

As a kid, I thought the whole egg soldier idea was great, but if they had these when I was a kid, my mom could have saved herself a lot of creative energy and let the shape of my eggs sell them selves.

Feast your eyes on these amazing egg frying molds. The molds allow you to fry your eggs in the shape of different kinds of fire arms.

Gun Shaped Egg Fryers

The funny thing is, if I got any of these molds as a present, I would probably be inclined to eat more eggs. Even in my late twenties the simplest novelties still entertain the hell out of me.

Gun Fryer Package

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