It’s never too early to think about finding fun Halloween costume ideas for couples, especially if you’re going out to a Halloween party or some other event. Most gatherings will even give some sort of reward for the best Halloween costume -- even if it is just another piece of delicious chocolate candy. Trick or Treat people! This year when you go out make sure you have coordinated your best ideas for couples costumes, and that you put all your creativity into making Halloween a very fun and memorable night. 

Why go out in coordinated couples Halloween costumes?

The best part about going out as a couple in coordinated costumes on Halloween is that is so much fun for both of you! Halloween-costume-ideas-for-couples-fun-partyEverywhere you go more people will appreciate your holiday spirit because of the extra thought that went into selecting the perfect Halloween costumes. Couples costumes tell a story, evoke a laugh or chuckle, or stand as a thought provoking or ironic commentary on some idea, event, people, or aspect of our culture -- like TV, movies, or music. And it’s a really great way to mingle throughout the Halloween party and still let everyone know -- he or she IS WITH ME! Show your affection for each other by dressing as a costumed set! (Although it’s not really recommended at other times throughout the year... you know who you are with your tacky matching Christmas sweaters!!!) Whether you simply buy these Halloween costumes in a store or online, put them together out of some collected items around the house, or just make them yourself from scratch -- here are some ideas to get you thinking and ready for a great night.

What do we look for in a couples Halloween costume idea?

Well it’s good for a costume idea to be funny or cute, or even striking, by choosing ideas from  people or characters who are known to travel as a team, a group, a set, or a clique. Perhaps the pairing can be unexpected, or maybe just super creative -- but it will be so much fun, and larger than life.

Some Top Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples for 2012:

So here are some ideas: Couples arriving together at a Halloween party dressed as an angel and as a devil is always a fun idea, unless being Adam and Eve is more your style. The flesh colored jammies and well placed leaves give the true illusion of free-spirit wandering without concern on a cool October night. And having the apple and snake as accessories would really finish the portrait. You could choose some other great Biblical stories as well such as Noah's Ark, but that's harder to pull off unless you want to be a pair of animals...

You could go a a police officer and a crook; or maybe a jail guard and an inmate. This makes a great couple’s costume because it allows one of you to act cranky all night, which is kind of fun! 

Take inspiration from yourselves... "It’s a love story!" What about going as Romeo and Juliet? Think Shakespearean costumes, and hopelessly tragic love and you’re on your way. How about going as our favorite plastic people... Barbie and Ken dolls? This would be hilarious... especially if you do it right! How about Miss Piggy costume with her sweetheart Kermit the Frog? That’s always a winning combination. Or how about costumes of a cute bumblebee and a bright beautiful flower - Well you have to admit, this costume idea is pretty romantic... Pollen, buzzing, etc. So which one of you wants to be the giant bumblebee?

From the inspiration of entertainment, think movies and television. Here are a couple timeless Star Wars-themed costumes: Here you go: R2-D2 and C3PO. This is fun if you both go as our favorite robots from the Star Wars double trilogy. It doesn’t matter who is taller or shorter with these outfits because it’s kind of fun if petite R2D2 is the big one in your couple!  Or maybe Han Solo with Chewbacca -- Wouldn’t you love to be the galactic hero Han Solo in a cool space vest (picture classic Harrison Ford) while your partner is the giant loveable wookie Chewbacca? Watch the movies to make sure you have your Wookie howls and roars down.

You’re never too cool to go as Beavis and Butthead? What about the classic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, or our crime-fighting heroes Batman and Robin? Wouldn’t it be pretty fun to arrive as the two hobbits who saved the world: Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings? What about Alice (played by Milla Jovovich) and a random zombie from the Resident Evil movies? You could stalk around all night, while the other was a fearless killer... (You decide which is which!)

Or maybe the Jay and Silent Bob movie characters is more your style... this could be hilarious no matter what gender is which character. The cool part is that one of you can be profoundly quiet ALL NIGHT. Or being Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street would be a hoot. How about going as pop music power couple Jay Z and his lovely wife Beyonce? This is pretty cool... Or how about Oprah and Dr. Phil? That would be awesome AND RANDOM -- daytime TV’s power duo. “How’s that working for you?”

A few more random ideas

Can you do jumbo walking food costumes? That would be comical: think spaghetti and meatballs... or peanut butter and jelly? How about being a giant box of cereal and a gallon of milk? That will make a statement. What do you think of a Hello Kitty costume with Clifford the Big Red Dog? Or a TV set and a remote control? How about JFK with Marilyn Monroe? Ok, too soon... Hope you enjoyed at least one of these fun Halloween costume ideas for couples, and you’re inspired to go out to your Halloween party knowing that you’re wearing the best costume(s). Post those awesome Halloween photos on Facebook when you're done! Happy Halloween.