When it comes to Halloween costume ideas for men...you have a wide variety. However, with all of these common costume ideas, there are a few things that you should probably keep in mind. The reason being that you, nine times out of ten, don't realize that you oftentimes easily end up either getting funny looks or scaring a small child. So, the question is, what should you know about several common Halloween costume ideas for men...and how do you go about fixing them so they're less scary?


Pirates are fun, and that's why they're one of the best Halloween costume ideas for men. However, there are a few things that unfortunately happen with pirates. One is that there is often either alcohol consumed or containers carried around children. And, naturally, you know it's not right to carry any weapons whilst dressed in a costume...but some people might. A little toy, plastic weapon is perfectly alright for a pirate expedition or costume party. Keep that in mind.

To fix this type of costume while you're ahead, you will need to make sure it's appropriate, since these costumes can also sometimes have a bad influence on females or otherwise. First of all, you need to make sure that nothing is quoted that should not be quoted, especially since young children are so impressionable and may say it at a later date...at a not so great time, such as during a church service or whilst in the grocery store. Next, make sure not to carry around even empty glass bottles—if anyone were to break them, that'd be dangerous, and it also looks suspicious as well. Halloween costume ideas for men can be pretty dagone fun, even with these things in mind!


Also an extremely popular choice as far as Halloween costume ideas for men go. This does have its problems as well, especially based on the cost of the mask, where it came from, and all of that super important stuff to remember. But, the main problem is scaring small children who may not be entirely sure that the Werewolf is not real, and how they see him and how scared he got.

The main thing to keep in mind as far as werewolves and Halloween costume ideas for men, is that you have the opportunity to check into a variety of different things that go along with werewolves. Make sure to check your costume and make sure it's safe, you can breathe perfectly through the mask, and that if you have any teeth that you need to attach that they are safely put away and kept up in a manner that you can't lose them before you go to put on your costume as fast as possible.


One of the more common Halloween costume ideas for men is that a guy can dress up as a girl. While this is completely true, you need to keep in mind that there are QUITE a few things that you need to remember, appearance wise and otherwise. Being a girl, even for a night is a really, really big deal that you need to remember.

First of all, when it comes to this Halloween costume ideas for men, you need to remember that any nails that go on your fingers won't come off all that easily. So, you might want to stick to either really cheap kits that you can buy at the Dollar Tree and use them or you might want to just polish up your hands, groom them well, and then go from there.

Second, you cannot look tattered while dressed like a chick for your Halloween costume ideas for men. Make sure that all of your clothing is completely and utterly clean and that it doesn't have any rips, with an exception made for jeans that are meant to be ripped and kind of punk. However, there are far less types of jeans that are ripped than those that are. Remember that.

Third, this may be one of the weirdest Halloween costume ideas for men, but it's definitely a good one. Keep that in mind that the main thing for you to do is to have fun. Far too many people judge over silly little things—even a costume! So, when it comes to these types of costumes, don't hesitate to have fun and try it on. You might need to find a little bit of shaping, especially if you're anything like, well, a guy in shape. So, don't hesitate to make sure that someone is just enjoying a costume and that it doesn't look all THAT silly.


These are three truly great Halloween costume ideas for men. Unfortunately, men do sometimes get the more fun costumes, but that's alright—it just leaves for space for the girls to laugh! However, make sure that you're willing to take care of your costumes. Unfortunately, people don't do that simple task and not only is it not all that good for you, but it can also affect your health. Who knows—maybe a tick landed on your werewolf costume? That's something important to remember, especially in case anyone happens to have little ones.

You also need to have a backup costume, in the case that these Halloween costume ideas for men don't pan out or you can't get everything that you're looking for...or pretty much anything. Costumes are super fun to play around with, but be willing to be serious enough to make sure that if one doesn't work out, it gets the same TLC that a car would if it were broken down. You can quite simply check at a seamstresses office if she repairs costumes or you can try and sew it up by yourself. However, this oftentimes takes much longer than you may have hoped for—you may end up buying another costume just in case! These are just a few tips regarding Halloween costume ideas for men. Take what you feel was the most important and make sure to put it to use—it'll help you with your costumes later!