If you are looking for a fun Halloween Craft this year, then why not try making a paper mache pumpkin?

This is really easy, but can get a bit messy, so find a place where this project can be made, and be allowed to sit and dry. Protect the table surface, and make sure the kids are wearing painting shirts or aprons.

Things You Will Need

Here is what you will need to for this craft 

1 balloon

1 empty toilet paper roll

1 stack of newspapers torn into large strips (approximately 2 inches wide)

1 white glue

1 water

1 orange acrylic paint

1 black acrylic paint

plastic container to sit project on


Find a large plastic margarine tub or similar for the glue mixtures. To make the glue mixture you need 2 parts white craft glue to 1 part water and mix well.

Next have all your newspapers torn into strips approximately 2 inches wide

Blow up your balloon and with a piece of tape, secure the base of the balloon (with the tied off end at the top) the best you can to the empty turned over container. This keeps it off the table, and makes it easier to take off when this creation is done.

Take your empty toilet roll, and secure it with tape around the tied off part of the balloon, this will be your stalk when your pumpkin is finished. You can squeeze it a bit, to look more like a realistic stalk.

Now you can do this two ways. You can either dip your newspaper strips in the glue mixture and pull it out between your fingers (this takes the excess glue off) and then place on the balloon, or you can take a paint brush and brush the glue mixture onto the balloon and then place the dry newspaper strips to the glue and then paint over the newspaper with more glue. Your choice. Make sure to cover up to the base of the toilet paper roll the best you can.

Keep doing this until you have approximately 3 or 4 layers of newspaper strips on the balloon. This can go fast with many hands helping, so this would make the perfect group fun Halloween craft.

Once you have your layers of glued newspaper strips on your balloon, you need to leave it there to dry for a day or two. In the meantime you might want to clean up all the glue and any other mess around the pumpkin, so that nothing sticks to this project.

Once dry, you can now paint the entire project in orange paint, and then paint the empty toilet roll black for the stalk. (If you didn't have an empty toilet paper roll laying around, you can also cut a empty paper towel roll in half, or form your own from cardboard)

Now you can take a pin and through the paper mache, with a long fine pin, you can pop the balloon inside.

Paint your eyes and mouth on the pumpkin, and now you have a great fall decoration and a fun Halloween craft. This is a great way to use up some of those newspapers you may have kicking around! Make sure to use newsprint and not heavier paper as it will not work. Newspapers work the best for this project.

You can also protect your project with spray varnish or fixative, if you wish to preserve this for many more seasons.

This can also be a great alternative to carving a pumpkin. Kids love to play with glue and paper, so as long as you are prepared for the mess, this can be fun!

these makes great fall decorations for indoors.