No halloween is complete without some fun and frightful treats to share with family and friends. Here are some easy and fun ideas for creating awesome halloween treats you can share this year.


Halloween Themed Sugar Cookies

Cookies are fun and easy Halloween treats that even the kids can help make. All you need are some Halloween themed cookie cutters, sugar cookie mix and some colored frosting (optional) to decorate them with after baking. A platter of these are sure to please on this ghoulish holiday.  

Dirt Cake (Recipe)

Far more tasty than it sounds, dirt cake (I call it Dirt Pudding) is fairly simple to make and very fitting when served up as a treat for halloween. This tasty dessert is not really a cake, as you can probably tell from the ingredients, it is more of a thick pudding but yummy either way. Here is a simple recipe and serving ideas for this delicious  Halloween treat.

What You Will Need:  

Flower Pot (new and clean) or 9x13 Dish 

*Alternative Serving Dishes for Single Portions: small flower pots, small pails, styrofoam or platic cups


Main Ingredients for Dirt CakeCredit: BailysBites.com2 Bowls

Tooth Picks (optional)

Gummy Worms (optional)

Aluminum Foil (not needed for individual portions or if using a 9x13 dish)

1 Package Oreo Cookies

2 Semi-sweet Chocolate Bars (optional - if not using add 1 more package of Oreo's)

8oz. Cream Cheese

3 Cups Milk

1 cup  Confectioners (Powdered)  Sugar

1/2 Stick of Butter, softened

12oz. Cool Whip, thawed.

2 regular boxes of instant pudding, Chocolate or French Vanilla 


Preparation and Instructions

Chop the candy bars up into smaller pieces or chunks, these will be used to look like small rocks or clumps of dirt when all is complete. If you have trouble most food processors or blenders will have attachments that will help make these bite size.


Blend or crush the oreo cookies until they beome dirt like - too much will create dust, you are looking for a dirt-like consistency.  You may find this easier to achieve if you blend only half a package at a time. When done toss in the chocolate chunks. 


Cream butter, cream cheese and powdered sugar together in a bowl (approx. 2 minutes). 


In a deep bowl blend together the milk and pudding mix until thickened. 


Fold, first, the cool whip into the pudding mix and then fold in the creamed cheese, butter and sugar mixture. 


Line your clay pot with aluminum foil (or simply set out your cups or 9x13 dish).  Use 1/3 of the cookie and chocolate mix to cover the bottom of the dish/cups. Next top the cookie crumbs with 1/2 the pudding mixture. Repeat until all mixtures are used - you should end off with the cookie/chocolate crumb mixture. 

Dirt Pudding - Better Known as Dirt CakeCredit:

Place toothpicks into  the top of the dirt pudding and cover with plastic wrap. The toothpicks will keep the wrap from sticking and messing up the look of this delicious Halloween treat. Regrigerate for 2 to 3 hours. Serve cold. 


If you desire you can take this one notch up to a Worms and Dirt cake by adding a handful of gummy worms to the top. Slightly push one end of the gummy worm into the top of this Halloween treat, to give the appearance of worms climbing out of it. 


A New Twist for this Easy Halloween Treat

While browsing for the perfect picture I ran across a neat variation of this Dirt Pudding recipe on Bailys Bites. The recipes are nearly identical but she prepares both Vanilla and Chocolate puddings (separate bowls of course)  for a differnt, equally creepy look.