There are many different types of sports that horses are used in. The sports types may be English, Western, or any other regional sports. However, they all are enjoyed by the people that choose to partake in them. Barrel racing, trail classing, pleasure riding and much more are different varieties of Western horse games, while hunting, jumping, cross country jumping, fox hunting, dressage, racking, steeple chasing, racing, and polo are what the English play. The most famous and commonly played game out of all of them is Polo. This is a game that is played by people all over the world.

The game polo first originated, believe it or not, in china over 2000 years ago. However, it continues to be a very fun horse game. The game got its name from the Tibetan word “Pholo”, which translate to ball. In the 1850s the first pole club was created, yet this was long after the first match was ever played, as that was in 600 BC. This game is in the process of being made into an Olympic sport by the people who are avid fans of the game. 

If you want to learn to play this type of horse game, then you will need to know the fundamental rules that are required of you before you begin. Firstly, there are two types of polo games that you need to know, The Outdoor and Arena Polo. There are three players per team, in the Arena Polo, which adds up to 6 players in total in the arena at the same time. In both of the games there is a player called the Pivotal player that shoots the goals and takes the offensive. The third player on the team usually gets this role. The first player defends against the advances of the other team, and the second player plays according to the need chosen by the team. The Outdoor Polo is similar but has 4 players instead of three. The fourth paler is the Pivotal player, while the first is the defender, and the second and third play according to the need. Outdoor Polo is usually played outdoors in a place called a Polo Stadium. It is for this reason that it has the name “Outdoor” Polo.

Now that we have gotten the basic rules of the game out of the way, you can now begin to learn the rules of the game. When a ball is hit in between the two goal posts, with a distance of twenty-four feet in between, a goal is made. In the game there are three umpires. They keep an eye on the game and judge any sort of foul that is made; they also keep a track of the score. They can even grant a team a free hit or even a goal. However, this depends on the severity of the foul. The game consists of 8 periods. Each period is called a “Chukka”, each 7 minutes long, and an overtime period that is 30 seconds long. The overall game is about 60 minutes in total.

The certified Polo games allow only one pony per period. This is because they can only run for about 2 periods at the most and in each period they run about 300 meters. Changing the pony’s each period will allow the game to progress faster. If you are interested in learning how to play, then you should find and join a Polo Club. By doing so, you will learn all that there is to know and be prepared to play professionally. You will need to know how to ride a horse before you begin taking Polo lessons. There are different clubs you can go to learn how to ride a horse. Search around for a polo club that is near to you and join it. This sport can be learned by anyone, so give it a try and you’ll love it