School is starting again and as usual, your daily routine of commuting is here again. Don’t you just hate it that you have to spend your precious minutes doing nothing and at a daily basis? Good thing there are free iPhone games to keep you entertained and busy at times like these. Without emptying out your pocket, these freebies guarantee that you will no longer see lame rides to school and back home again!

Since we are already talking about transportation and everything on the road, why not consider the game Real Racing GTi. The following are the reasons why this game might be for you:

  • This racing game requires time to get number one rank among the racers, which is perfect for those afternoon rides from school.
  • Real Racing GTi is a no-brainer choice for those people with the passion for speed and hunger for testosterone-filled games.
  • The game offers different game options like time trial, quick race and championship.

For those who want simpler, no-brain-activity-needed games, why not try the game Fruit Ninja Lite. Here are some reasons why this is perfect for those simple loving people:

  • It only requires you to slash fruits as it appears on screen.
  • Watermelons, strawberries and kiwis are your main opponent in this game.
  • Failure to slash three fruits in a level will end in you repeating the game and is sure to bring your Sensei’s reputation points sliding downwards.
  • While a very simple game to play, the different level of difficulty you face as you advance can entertain you during your daily routine.

Sports fanatics are sure to enjoy Stick Cricket, one of the many free iPhone games based on a popular sport. The following are why fanatics will be hooked:

  • Cricket fans can relive the excite this game brings even when they are on the go, which makes it perfect for those looking to entertain themselves on daily commutes.
  • The game features the ability to play with your friend through WiFi or Bluetooth, something that is sure to add more excitement for this game!

Of course this list will not be complete without the already worldwide hit game, Angry Birds Free. This gaming phenomenon started out as a simple revenge against the pigs who abducted the bird’s eggs. And just like that, everyone has since then rooted for the birds’ quest to find justice for their little ones.

Add that to the addictive, challenging but still simple way of playing the game and developer Rovio surely did see this one becoming a multi-platform blockbuster. This free version will definitely be the reason you’ll reach you to pocket and buy it to get more levels of fun and those revenge-seeking birds!

Since days are narrowing down before school officially start and your daily commuting burden is to resume, now is the perfect time to hit the iTunes Store and fill your iPhone with these games. If you were not able to choose one from the options offered, I am sure that you can find your fix on the App Store. To say that there are gazillion of games are offered in the store is an understatement. So say no to boring times and download all the free iPhone games you can get!