Rainy day? Too cold to play outside?  Here are some awesome indoor activities for kids to make great memories and beat the boredom blues. 

Kids will really remember these special things that you do with them forever.  It's moments like these, when you make the best of circumstances and end up having a great time, that will stand out in their memory. 

You can't be supermom every day, but with these ideas, you can stay away from that kryptonite the next time it's too rainy to go outside!

Couch Cushion Tent
Credit: Will Holmes on Flickr

The Indoor Tent

Making an indoor tent is one of those things that every kid should have the opportunity to do at least a few times in their life.  There are a few ways that you can do this.  I have a lot of experience with this having 3 of my own, so I have fine-tuned my indoor fort skills to the max.

Option 1- Use an actual tent.  A bit obvious, yes, but if you are not creatively inclined and don't have any spare blankets, this can be a good option.  You can either use an actual tent for camping indoors (although that would take a while to set up and take down), or you can use one of those "kiddie tents" featuring the kids characters.  You know the ones I mean.

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Option 2- Using your couch cushions and small blanket, create a couch cushion fort.  You can either lean up  the cushions on to the side of the couch, or you can set them to span the gap in between your coffee table or ottoman and use the blankets as the "doors." 

Option 3- This is my personal, favorite method that I have developed.  Using a fitted sheet, chairs, couches, anything else that can be used to secure the tent, and your personal fortitude, create the "tent of the ages."  The reason I say fitted sheet is that the four elasticized corners make it super easy to get te edges of your tent to "cling" to whatever unfortunate furniture pieces are selected for the job.  The best tents are made with king size fitted sheets.  Hey, even if you don't have a king-size bed, you can get a king size fitted sheet at the thrift store just for this indoor activity for the kids. 

Have an indoor snowball fight

This is a fun one that I have done both at home and with my Sunday School class at church.  Using either balled up socks or balled up pieces of paper for your snowballs, have an epic battle that is sure tobe remembered for years to come.  Lord knows I have enough socks in the laundry basket for a 3 hour battle.  I have to admit that socks are preferable for this because they don't sting when they hit you in the face like the balled up paper does (hey- we play to win.)  But balled up paper won't kill ya!

Make cards or care packages for deployed soliders

This indoor activity for kids is a good one to teach them about giving.  You know moms need a lesson behind every activity, right?  Don't know any deployed soldiers?  Ask around.  You would be surprised how many family members of deployed service people would be in your church, neighborhood, or your kids school.  Another option is to find an organization that will allow you to "adopt" a soldier.  Try "Adopt A Platoon."  I personally used this organization last year to adopt a soldier that was stationed in Afghanistan.

Even if you don't have everything all lined up as to who you will be sending them to, making cards and letters to serviepeple is a simple activity that requires nothing more than paper, crayons, and a little love.

Hide and Seek
Credit: apdk on FLickr

What about a nice game of Hide and Seek- with a twist?

I think most of us know how to play a classic game of Hide and Go Seek... one person counts while the others go hide.  But there are several variations of hide and go seek that can add some variety to this great indoor game for kids. 

Sardines- In this variation, instead of one person counting and the other people hiding, one person hides and all the other people count. And the end of the count, everyone sets out to find the one hider.  As soon as one person finds the hider, they squeeze in to the hiding place with the hider.  And so on and so forth until the last seeker finds the hider.  Hence the name "Sardines", cause by the end the kids are all like sardines in a can.

Hide an Object, instead of a Person- This is good if you have a small group or a large group.  This variation even works with just one kid and one adult, or just 2 kids by themselves.  One person (or all the lookers) count, while one person hides a pre-selected object in a pre-determined area.  Then the lookers start looking, and you can decide ahead of time if the hider will offer clues, or give "warmer" and "colder" hints.

Create in Indoor Obstacle Course

The possobilities are endless with this indoor kids activity!  Use a combination or pillows, blankets, etc and create a base course.  Then add in extra obstacles and challenges, Indiana Jones style.  Perhaps whne the challenger steps on a certain pillow, that triggers an avalanche of clean laundry.  Or maybe when they shimmy under that rug, they get rolled up and sent back to the beginning of the course.  The sky is the limit!  Make sure to get out your camera and video cameras for this event.  It's all about making memories, people!

Have the kids put on a "talent show"

You can get as elaborate with this as you want. My kiddos love to make tickets for the event that they hand out pre-performance and collect at the "door."  You can have music, dancing, singing, etc.  Maybe one of the kids is great at soccer--have them demonstrate some of their tips and tricks of the game.  Maybe another of the children loves to read- have them recite or read aloud a favorite poem or passage from a favorite book aloud. 

If you are feeling really ambitious, you could even rig up some curtains with sheets and a rope.  This is another one that you'll want to get the camera out for. 

I hope I have given you some great ideas for indoor activities for kids.  I have 3 of my own, so I am always looking for fun ideas.  If you've got one, leave it in the comment box!