Coming up with fun indoor activities to do with children might be challenging when you're faced with bad weather outside, a house full of children inside and a long day ahead. Some activities require certain supplies, but many just require a little imagination. Keep handy a list of indoor things to do along with a few supplies so you're prepared for those rainy days. Some of these ideas are classics and are still fun to do again and again, but it's fun to try something new, too, as your children get older and when everyone is ready for something different.

Make paper airplanes and hold contests for highest flying, longest distance, fanciest, most tricks performed, most colorful, most unique design.

Set up a small tent (play tent, if you have one) in the living room and have a "camp-out" picnic lunch.

Pull out dress-up clothes and make up a play. If you're participating in the play, too, stuffed animals can be the audience.

If travel is possible, visit the local children's museum or if your children are older, visit an aerospace or nautical museum.

Making and decorating cookies is a classic children's activity, but somehow doesn't lose its appeal.

Another classic with great appeal: make hot chocolate and do a puzzle.

Have your child choose a main dish or dessert recipe from an online source or from a children's cookbook and then together you can create the shopping list, do the shopping and prepare the dish.

Download some new music off of the internet and load it onto your child's MP3 player or burn them to a CD. Play online samples from songs that were popular when you were a kid. Your kids will love that you can sing along with all those "old" songs.

Cuddle up on the couch under a warm blanket and read a book or take turns reading if your child is older.

Have a craft day. You can try something new or play with an old favorite: papier-mâché, painting, knitting, or make pet rocks, mobiles, or paper books.

Have your child lay down on a long piece of butcher paper, trace their body's outline and then together you can draw art inside the outline or draw in bones and organs.

Let your child pretend to be Mom or Dad in role reversal. They get to plan the lunch menu and an after-lunch activity while you help.

Make up an indoor scavenger hunt. This can be simple or complicated depending on the ages of your children.