An interactive math lesson that is fun and gets the group to join in is something like math bingo. There are variations of the game yet the lessons will teach math principles while being fun and exciting.

The teacher can either create the bingo cards or purchase predesigned cards. The variations of the game include adding subtracting multiplication and division for all ages.

The cards have corresponding numbers as the answers to the question the teacher presents. The students will mark on the cards the answers to the math questions with the winner connecting the bingo on the card.

The concept is to have the students solve the math problem and mark the card with the correct answer. It is a great method for getting the kids involved in math solving situations removing the boredom of the older style of math education.

For the younger students simple addition such as "what is 1+2" or "what is 2+4" can create a nice learning lesson. Keeping questions simple will increase the youngsters desire to learn and answer the questions. They will eagerly learn when the math lessons are fun and exciting.

For the older students progress onto questions such as "what is 9 divided by 3" or "what is 12 divided by 2".

The older students that are into the factions can include questions such as "what is 1.75 rounded to" "what is 12/3 as a whole number" or "what is 100/10" to get the students to learn the mathematical lessons for their ages.

The teacher will need to provide the bingo cards containing the answers which creates the combination of having the right cards and questions. This is easily done by creating the cards to make a larger variety of questions to follow the lesson plans the students are to learn.

Create a prize for the winner of the bingo game that will be interesting for the students that may lack the enthusiasm to join in the game. When you make interactive math lessons fun the students will participate.

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