These Kids Trouble Games are Ways to Add Fun to the Classic Game

There are several board games that have an appeal throughout all generations.  The game of Trouble is on that list of fun games for kids and adults alike.  With its popping dice bubble in the center of the board, colorful pegs, and minor strategy, Trouble continues to be one of the great fun kids games.

And now, there are unique kids Trouble games.  The makers of Trouble have taken popular children's characters and created Trouble games around them.  Some of the rules are changed to add a unique flavor to each game, but the overall concept is the same.

Rules of Trouble

Fun Kids Games - Unique Kids Trouble Games - Classic GameTrouble is a very simple game to play.  You have four colored pegs in your "Start" space.  Your goal is to get them out of the Starting space - by rolling a 6 on the die - and move them around the board until they are all in your "Home" area.  The die is "rolled" by popping a bubble in the middle of the board.

Along your way to Home you will run across other players' pieces.  If you land on another player's peg, that peg is sent back to that player's Start area.  Of course, if they land on your peg, then your peg goes back to your Start area.

This is one of the most fun kid games due to these simple rules and the small strategy decisions that must be made.  Should you risk moving a piece further around the board even though it puts you in danger of being sent to Start, or should you play it safe and stay behind?

These unique kids Trouble games allow for these same decisions while adding in a layer of extra fun from characters from film and television.

Unique Kids Trouble Games

Trouble R2-D2 Is In Trouble

Fun Kid Games - Unique Kids Trouble Games - R2D2 is in TroubleAs its name suggests, R2-D2 is in Trouble is a Star Wars version of Trouble.  The coolest aspect of this game is that the die popper plays actual R2-D2 sounds (with a convenient on/off switch).

This Trouble game is different from the others in that the pieces are placed on pegs instead of inside the pegs.  This can lead to instability of the pieces which can make them fall off if the board is bumped.  But if you or someone you know is a fan of Star Wars, then this unique Trouble game can be a fun addition to the home.

Trouble Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition

Fun Kids Games - Unique Kids Trouble Games - Cars 2What better way to zoom around the Trouble board than with the characters from Cars 2?  The neat thing about this game is that the popper is on top of Mater.  Also, there are stickers featuring characters from the movie that are placed on the board pieces.  That way, the kids can pretend to be their favorite Cars character as they move around the board.

A neat rule change in this version of Trouble is that when a 6 is rolled - meaning the player can get a piece out of Start - all player's get to move a piece out of Start.  This helps ease the frustration of not being able to play.  I suppose you can use this rule with any game of Trouble, and it is a great way to play a quicker game.

The game pieces to this game of Trouble are also set on pegs so there is the possibility to knock over pieces.  I have not experienced too many instances of that, though.

Dinosaur Train Pop N Race Game

Fun Kid Games - Unique Kids Trouble Games - Dinosaur TrainThe first thing to note about the Dinosaur Train Pop N Race Game is that it is not made by the same people that make Trouble, but instead it is made by Pressman Toy.  However, the game play is still the same.  One slight difference is that one peg is larger than the rest and features a sticker of a Dinosaur Train character.  This peg must be the first one in the Home area.  This adds a little more strategy - and frustration - but is a nice twist to make this a unique kids Trouble game. 

The pegs in this game fit inside the board so they do not fall over.

If your kids or grandkids love Buddy and the Pteranodon Family, then this fun kids game is a perfect fit.

Ages for These Games

The recommended ages for these unique kids Trouble games is 5 and up, but my son is almost 4 and he had no problems learning the game and playing with just his friends.  If your child can count and has a decent idea of how to play by certain rules, then there's no reason that he or she would need to be 5 years old to play this game.

Where to Find These Fun Kid Games

I have seen unique kids Trouble games everywhere games are sold such as Walmart and Target.  You can also find them the convenient way - and possibly save some money - by searching online for these games.

These games are fun for kids and adults as well.  There are many board games available, but you will have fun with these and other kids Trouble games.