When it comes to animal print burp cloths and bibs for babies, there are quite a few options available online to choose from.  Whether it is zebra print, leopard print, cheetah print, or any other type of exotic animal print, you are bound to eventually be able to find what you are looking for.  In addition to being able to find any type of animal, you can also find burp cloths and bibs for your little one that are mass produced or made by hand.  When you have a baby, there are all types of baby furniture, baby clothes, and all sorts of other baby accessories of which you have to stock up.  If animal print is what you are looking for, here are some available options.

Where To Find Animal Print Burp Cloths And Bibs For Babies Online

Burp cloths and bibs in zebra, leopard, cheetah, and all sorts of other types of animal print can be found at various online stores.  Each of these outlets offer different sets of baby merchandise, including items that are new, used, and homemade.  Some of the more popular locations include:

  • Amazon - Amazon is usually the first stop for people when they are searching for just about anything online, including baby bibs and burp cloths.  Amazon has a wide selection to choose from, and you can find new and used goods.  Many items up for sale on the site have user reviews which can be a great way to determine what you want to purchase.  There are many different sellers on the site, so be sure that when you buy your baby clothes that you understand the return policy.
  • eBay - eBay can be a great way to find good deals on your newborn and toddler bibs and burp cloths.  eBay offers many of the same type of goods that Amazon has, except you can find more used and hand-me-down baby products with animal prints than you can on Amazon.  You will also be able to find homemade animal print bibs and burp cloths on eBay.  There is usually a way to communicate with the seller when you purchase on eBay.
  • Etsy - Animal print bibs and burp cloth purchases are great ways to utilize Etsy, an online craft store.  Etsy is a platform that allows individuals to sell their homemade goods and crafts to others.  Think about it as going to a craft show without having to walk around a county courthouse in the brutal heat.  Anything crafty can usually be found here, including baby clothes and animal print bibs and burp cloths.
  • Department Stores - You can also find burp cloths and bibs online at various department stores, such as Kohl's and JCPenney.
  • Facebook - Many people have taken to Facebook to sell their crafts and sewing projects.  If you want something homemade and know someone who knows someone that creates good stuff, that person might just be selling baby clothes on Facebook.

These are just some of the more popular places to find what you are looking for online.  However, there are many, many different places to look, including blogs.  So make sure you look around and find just the right bibs and burp cloths you want in just the animal print design you are looking for.  Good deals are out there.

Zebra Print Baby Bibs

Animal Print Baby Bib - Zebra Print Baby MilanoCredit: amazon.com

Zebra print baby bibs are a fun way to show off an animal print style at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time.  This particular bib is 100% cotton, and it is reversible and reusable.  Anyone with babies and toddlers knows how messy mealtime can be, so anything to stretch out the time the bibs are useful is a good thing. 

The bib shown here is from Baby Milano and it comes with a matching burp cloth.  The burp cloth is also 100% cotton and reversible.

Animal Print Burp Cloth - Zebra Print Baby MilanoCredit: amazon.com

In addition to the zebra print shown here, Baby Milano also makes bibs and burp cloths with other animal prints, such as leopard.

Bib and Burp Bouquet Set

Animal Print Bib and Burp Bouquet SetCredit: amazon.com

This bib bouquet and burp cloth bouquet come in sweet safari pink colors and would be great for little girls.  This particular item comes with four safari themed bibs and four safari themed burp cloths.  The animal print is on one side, while the back side is white terry.  This would be a great gift idea for a baby shower or for a family that is bringing home a new child.

But do not think that if you or your loved one brings home a boy that they have to be left out.  This same company also produces a bib and burp cloth set in safari blue colors.  The blue set offers that same features as the pink set just in a different color, of course.

Animal Print Bibs and Burp Cloths - Safari BlueCredit: amazon.com

Pony Printed Bib


Animal Print Bibs - Pony Printed Black and White BibCredit: amazon.com

While not the look that many people think of when they hear the term "animal print," this pony printed bib is great for young kids who love horses, cows, and anything else farm related.  It is not zebra print, cheetah print, or leopard print, but come on, which kid doesn't love a pony?  The bib has a velcro fastener and a terry cloth backing. 

Animal Print Bibs and Burp Cloths for Babies are Fun and Can be Found Anywhere

One of the great things about shopping for animal print bibs and burp cloths for babies is that there is not shortage of people that enjoy creating and selling accessories for little ones.  You are almost certain to be able to find a cute and useful bib and/or burp cloth to fit your needs and your style at a price you want.

These examples here are just a start.  There are many more available on the web and in stores.  And if you cannot find just the one you want, you can always find a sewing machine and take a stab at it yourself.  Or if you are like me, find someone else who is good at that sort of thing and ask them to do it.

The great thing about babies is that it really doesn't matter what you get for them, they are going to be cute and cuddly all on their own.  But these animal print bibs and burp cloths for babies can be a great addition to mealtime.