Everyone is looking to personalize their space to make it more familiar, and comfortable to function in. This is really no different in the bathroom. While in fact bathrooms are not as private and personal as a bedroom, they still exhibit qualities that play a vital role in the overall comfort and feel of the home. Many people enjoy incorporating funky accessories into the decor to add a splash of their own personality. In bathrooms in particular, this can be accomplished quite easily with the shower curtain.

Shower curtains are one of the easiest and less expensive ways to change up the theme of your bathroom. Whether you are someone who enjoys going the route of seasonal shower curtains based off a specific holiday, or are looking to update an outdated bathroom with modern shower curtains, the options are endless. As a result, there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from, especially when it comes to fun shower curtains.

Fun shower curtains incorporate many different designing aspects. However, there are a couple that have a leg up over the others in terms of popularity. These designs include funky designs that incorporate vivid colors and fun shapes, like polka dots; as well as pictures of characters from television, books, or pop culture.

Fun Shower Curtains - Vividly Colored Patterns
This is the Fun Shower curtain1more mainstream options of the two. The reason for this is due to the fact that these patterns often incorporate modern elements that despite the vivid colors and off the wall graphics, tend to blend well in most settings. Aside from the theme compatibility, these designs tend to appeal to a wider range of personalities due to the fact they are more theme based than tightly niche focused as a character based design usually is.

Fun Shower Curtains - Character Portraits
Chracter shower curtainThis category is much more tightly focused than the pattern category. These unique shower curtains usually exhibit a solid backdrop with a large portrait of a character on the foreground. Anything from television cartoon characters to government officials, there is not limit as to who you can find on these designs.

In all, these curtains can be a definite attribute to your bathroom theme in terms of adding a splash of your personality. Whether you enjoy seeing a goofy character looking back at you every time you walk into the restroom, or a contemporary vividly colored based pattern with various graphics; it really comes down to whatever makes you comfortable in your space.