Want to have some fun with your kids on Saint Patrick's Day? Here are some ways to recognize the Irish holiday with the youngest members of your family.

It is not legal to introduce you children to green beer, nor is it wise to bring them to the local Irish pub for corned beef cabbage on Saint Patrick’s Day. Here are some other ways to introduce your children to the traditional Irish holiday in a much more family friendly and proper way.

Leprechaun Hunt

Imagine a Saint Patrick’s day themed scavenger hunt and you get the basic idea of a Leprechaun Hunt. Send your children hunting all over your house and yard, looking for small inexpensive trinkets associated with the holiday and make a memorable event you will want to repeat annually. At the end of the hunt, set up a miniature pot of gold with beads, or gold chocolate coins. The entire hunt should not cost more than $20, but be ready to set it up after the kids go to bed the night before so it is fun and exciting first thing on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Blame it on the Leprechaun

Mix up your kids’ drawers in their dresser, take bites out of their sandwiches, or hide their shoes in the wrong room. Make the infamous leprechaun real to your younger kids by thinking of fun little things to mix up and play around with at home that will make your kids scratch their heads and wonder why. Leave a little note from the leprechaun first thing in the morning explaining that he had fun mixing up things around the house and your kids will spend the day looking for all his silly little deeds. This can be elaborate or simple, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it while your children are sleeping the night before St. Patty’s Day.

Make Green Food

A little green food coloring can go a long way towards fun on Saint Patrick’s Day. Try adding it to milk, any type of dough, or other beverages. Your children, even the older ones, will love mixing and playing with their food. This way the green food coloring will be entertaining and will even be a bit of a subtle art or science lesson. Food coloring is simple to find at your local big box store or grocery store and only costs a few dollars to open up an entire world of green food possibilities.

Experiment with Green Paint

For a more formal art lesson, grab some various colors of washable paint, including a healthy dose of green, of course. Let your children get their hands dirty and paint on some butcher or construction paper. Get the wiggles out with some free painting, and then ask them to use their fingers and hands to create a Saint Patrick’s Day themed picture. Give them basic tips like leprechaun and a pot of gold, and then see what their little minds come up with  the prompts you gave. You can even get clothing markers or paints and use them to make fun shirts to wear ahead of the celebration of Saint Patrick.

Serve a Surprise for Snack Time

Put together some golden hued Jell-O the day before and put pieces into a decorative bowl. Provide this as a snack left by the local leprechaun for your younger kids, or take the time to make the “gold” for the “pot” with your older children beforehand. Older kids who have never seen how gelatin sets will learn another sneaky science lesson and younger kids will be excited that the leprechaun left them a special treat.

There is no need to be Irish when it comes to Saint Patrick’s Day. This holiday is fun for the whole family, no matter your heritage. Pick one or two fun projects and introduce your kids to the fun that is St. Patty’s Day.