8:00, It's the night before a test, and you have procrastinated for days. Now you are about to spend the night cramming for your test. You dread having to spend the night studying but there is no way else you can learn all the material, or is there?

Procrastinating, we have all done it, but what if you could look forward to learning whatever you need to learn? In the next few paragraphs I will discuss ways to study that are fun and educational at the same time


Need to remember dates? What about famous people and what they did? Countries and their capitals? This is one of the best ways to memorize. Grab some index cards or even a couple sheets of paper and cut them to equal length. On your first card write the name of something, then on the next card write what you need to know about it.


Card 1= Italy

Card 2= Rome

Card 3= Greece

Card 4= Athens

Continue this until all the facts you need to memorize are written down, there should be an even number. Lay all the cards upside down and shuffle them around. Now, try to match the cards together, flipping one card right side up and then another. Continue this until you have all the matches. Time yourself and try to beat your personal high score!


This next one will require a little help from your parents, but I have found it to be quite affective. Take 15-30 empty water bottles, making sure each is free of water on the inside. Write on the inside of each cap the name of something you need to remember, then screw the caps back on.

Place the water bottles on a hard floor, or outside in your driveway. Now take a ball and go bowling. For every water bottle you knock over, you must answer the question inside it. You might be able to work out with your parents that "If I answer every question right on the first time I can have an extra slice of [insert name of dessert here] tonight" or that "If I get 20 questions right then I don't have to do [insert name of chore here]"

Around the World:

Some of you may be familiar with this one, as it is meant to be done in large groups. This was something my class did occasionally in middle school. Basically two kids stand up and the teacher asks them a question. Whoever answers correctly first gets to continue answering questions. When that person loses he takes the winner's seat. Whoever gets back to their seat after going all the way around the room wins.

Make a Quiz:

Some websites and applications allow you to make quizzes to take yourself and send to friends. These can be great practice for multiple choice, True and False, and Fill in the Blank tests, as you can practice for all of them using a quiz. Plus you can see how others do on the quiz you make, which can be fun all by itself!

Flash Cards:

Yes I know, flash cards aren't all that fun, but they can be! Try writing the answers backwards, or in a code only you know how to read. Maybe draw pictures to illustrate your cards. Make them look appealing to you by doing them with bright colored pens. Try quizzing members of your family with them instead of yourself. By reading the answers aloud to them you are committing them to memory.

Sticky Notes:

For those of you studying a foreign language, try to put brightly colored sticky notes on an item saying what that item is in the language you are studying. Every time you pass by the item the note will catch your eye. You will see a clock, but you will also read the note that says the word in French, Spanish, English, or whatever language you are studying.


This may sound weird but it is really interesting. I had to recite a poem a few years back in school and what I did was record myself saying the poem, put it on a cd, and then play the cd every night while I was going to bed. With the cd set on repeat I subconsciously memorized it while I was sleeping. I tried the same with Latin vocab verbs and voila! You still have to study, but how easy it was to memorize them amazed me.

These are all the tips I have right now for having fun while studying, and just making study easier for you. Try these out if you get a chance, and let me know if you have any others!