summer activities for the kids

Are you wondering how to fill yet another summer with the kids? Fun summer activities for the kids that are not going to break the bank, and that you might enjoy as well?

Well the summer is suppose to be a laid back time, take it easier, kick off those shoes and enjoy some living outdoors. But sometimes, the kids use up all their summer in the first week, and then you hear "I am bored" or "I don't know what to do"

Kids need to be kept engaged and active for at least part of the day, but you don't want to totally fill their day, there is nothing wrong with laying on the grass and guessing the shapes of clouds as they move by!

Fun stuff for the kids can include day trips and things to do right now, but also should include things to work on for those rainy days, or are a summer project that is ongoing!

Here are ten great tips for fun ideas for the kids this year. Of course these all depend on the age of your kids, as to whether they do some of these fun summer activities themselves or you go with them. Why don't you go with them anyways? It will be fun for you.

1. Camping. If you can't get away to campgrounds right now, why not set one up in your backyard or in your living room? You can have takeout for dinner and tell stories and sleep in sleeping bags.

2. Bubbles. Mix up a batch of bubbles and let the kids go wild in the yard or local park. This will attract other kids for sure, and before you know it, you will have a bubble party going on. Go ahead, kick your shoes off and run with the bubbles yourself!

Here is a great recipe for bubbles:

Take 2/3 cup of Joy dish detergent, and mix with one gallon of water and one tablespoon of glycerin. (You can get glycerin at the drugstore, you have to have this for these to get big!). Let it sit overnight for the best bubbles. Now take floral wire or coat hanger and shape them into circles and dip in the bucket of bubble mixture! Then go and have fun.


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3. Garden Patch. A Fun summer, can include growing things. This is one of those ongoing projects I mentioned. You give them their own little patch of yard (don't make it too big, it has to be manageable for them) or if you don't have a yard, how about a planter. This will be theirs to plant and water and take care of. Whether they choose to grow vegetables or flowers will be up to them. Let them choose the plants.

You never know, you might just get them interested in eating vegetables if they grow their own!

4. Biking. Get them to burn off some of that energy. Biking is a great fun summer activity for the kids. It gets them out in the fresh air, and they usually go as a group. So, why not check out the local trails that allow bikes, and pack a small backpack for lunch and snacks and go with them? Have a picnic on the trail somewhere. This will be fun and relaxing and wouldn't hurt you to get some exercise too. You are more likely to stay out longer if you bring water, snacks and lunch. Think of this as an exploring adventure.

Sometimes we don't even really know what is in our own backyard. There may be some great biking trails or hiking trails that you have not had the time to check out. So before you look into heading out of town, check your own area first.

5. Town Summer events. Check with the town hall, or go online to see if your town has any fun activities for the kids this summer posted. They will usually have day camps, or bus trips that your kids might enjoy. You can also check with your local paper for any fun summer activities for the kids that are free.

6. Library. They quite often have fun activities going on. They may have a special author come in, or a reading club, or more. Some will have craft days. Plus the added bonus that they are usually air conditioned. So, if you are having a really hot spell, and it is too hot for physical activities, then head to the library and check out some books, and see if they have a local calendar of summer activities for the kids to do

7. Coloring. This is especially go for those rainy days. Finding fun summer things for the kids to do on rainy days can be challenging. But you can download printable coloring pages off the computer. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to do this ahead of time, and have a kit of things to do on those rainy days. You can pick up packs of crayons and colored pencils to have on hand for these days. Just search free printable coloring pages and you will get different themes to choose from.

8. Scrap booking. Do you have loose photographs in drawers here and there? Then why not get some photo albums. You don't have to buy the special scrap booking ones as they can get expensive, but just the plain ones with the plastic covered pages, and let the kids create their own albums with these extra pictures you have around. You get your drawers cleaned out and they get a great fun summer thing to do.

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9. Garage Sale. Let them help you with a garage sale. This would be a great time for them to clean out their rooms, and sell off any old toys they are finished with. They can then use the money they get from selling their toys to put towards a special one they want or for the ice cream truck when it comes around!

10. Start a hobby. This would be the perfect time to research and start a hobby. If you can afford organized sports, then this would already be keeping them busy, but not all kids like to be in organized sports. They could start a journal, or collect flowers to press, or they can collect rocks, or shells. You would need to research a hobby that is age appropriate. This would be another one of those ongoing projects for the summer.

Hopefully the above ten idea help inspire you to find fun things to do this summer and even next summer. By having things to do right now, and ongoing projects and hobbies, then there will always be something to do. But kids don't need to have every minute scheduled to have fun. They can daydream and watch the clouds go by as well.

Actually we should try some of that once in a while too!