Maybe it sounded like it should be on an award winning list for the fun, sweetest day date ideas. Maybe it was a perfect—wonderful, AMAZING! Date idea...but, there are a few problems, naturally, with that. Unfortunately, when you think that a date is absolutely might turn out to be a fairly bad idea. So, here are a few lists of fun, sweetest day date ideas...that normally go horribly wrong.

The Friend-Group Date

The friend-group date is often thought of one of the best fun, sweetest day date ideas; you get to chill with your friends, get to know your date...and it's loads of great fun! However, you have to really think that over. Here's what the typical group date quickly turns into: There's always one friend who's going to pressure you-- “Hold their hands! Oh my God...hold their hand!”...and then the friend proceeds to grab your hand and force you to hold hands...and thus it turns into one of the fun, sweetest day date ideas gone wrong...

And, of course, there's that one guy that keeps giving your date the thumbs up, or you the thumbs up... And then there's that one random couple that starts making out midway through the date. Needless to say, this definitely belongs on the list of worst fun, sweetest day date ideas gone wrong. Instead, go for the solo date. This will give you and your date more alone time—and you don't have to worry about your friends constantly pressuring you into doing something you don't want to do. Definitely on the list of fun, sweetest day date ideas gone wrong, since this is a big stress for everyone involved.

Meet the Parents

If you want your date to be interrogated every few seconds or if you want them to not ever go out with you again...then this is the choice for you. This turns into one of those fun, sweetest day date ideas gone wrong when you bring your date there first, without really giving them a warning...or if it's date number one. The best way to work with this is to simply bring them once you're going out officially. Even if you're younger and your grandparents or parents insist that they meet them...just kind of brush it off and say it's way too early. You also shouldn't have them meet your parents BEFORE you meet them. This is another way that fun, sweetest day date ideas go completely wrong!

Pet Names Before You're Officially Dating

This isn't exactly on the list of fun, sweetest day date ideas, but it's still not a great idea. Don't start calling them pet names. It might not seem like a huge, gigantic deal at first...but you have to look at it a few different ways. For one, that automatically makes it look as if you're taking things wayyyy too seriously already. So, save the pet names for a few dates later...or perhaps once you're comfortable enough to hang out and watch movies with each other! This still doesn't work as far as fun, sweetest day date ideas go—for any of them.

Really Physically Demanding Activities

This is kind of awkward, especially if you've just started to date. Let's face it—who wants to go on a first date and come home smelly and stinky and unsure of what the impression given to your date was? Who knows what you'll think later on? So, start off with fun, sweetest day date ideas that don't require you to do anything too demanding, so you can focus on just getting to know one another...without any judgement passed. However, if you're both extremely active and want to go for it...don't hesitate to give it a try! This can either be one of the most fun, sweetest day date ideas...then you can just go for it. Once you've dated for about a month, don't worry about it. You've already made it over the part that gets the hardest to deal with for most couples—feel free to go a little crazy!

Hunting date

Never go hunting on a date. This might seem like one of those fun, sweetest day date ideas... until you realize that you're going on a date to kill animals. It might not seem like much...but, really...there's something slightly eery about going on a first date that includes killing animals. This is, again, one of those that you should hold out on until you're a little bit more secure in your relationship...and when you can read each others' emotions at least a little. Take the time to hang out regularly first and if you both happen to kind of like hunting, then go for it! Instead, until that time has come, you need to wait a little bit before you finally decide to do that kind of activity. Until then, just go ahead and try other different dates or...well, any other activities that you might have in mind. This is definitely one of those fun, sweetest day date ideas that you should save for a while.

Going to Church

Religion isn't a bad thing—not by any means. Neither is the lack of religion. However, it's a lot easier if  you just don't bring them to your church quite yet. A lot of times, this raises awkward questions, especially if you go to a church that isn't that big of a fan of dating or if you have different religious backgrounds. It allows you to get to know one another by yourself first, without anyone else interrupting. Not to mention that you also have time to learn more about your religions by yourselves, so you know what to expect before you finally go to each other's church. This is just one of the most interesting things to learn...but it's something that takes time and going to church automatically, while it might seem like one of the most fun, sweetest day date ideas, actually can be a problem.

Keep in mind these things that you shouldn't do...and it should be easy to find other fun, sweetest day date ideas!