Google has tested out the Driverless car in San Francisco. Google has also successfully lobbied to get driverless car laws enacted into law in the State Of Nevada. The world is full of fun possibilities when you get the opportunity to buy a Google Driverless Car in the future. You will have a virtual chauffeer.If you have trouble with computers, then you might need to ask your 10 year old to help your boot up your Google driverless car.  Here are some fun ideas for you to do when you own a Google Driverless Car

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Robotic CarsCredit: Flickr/alaspoorwho

Drunk driving is stupid and dangerous, but it can also be expensive. If you don’t meet the right woman at the bar then you may have to pay for the taxi fare back to your apartment, and then the next day pay the taxi again to take you back to get your car. With a Driverless car from Google you can get in your car, tell it to take you home and then pass out.

Making Out in the Back Seat...and Still Get Your Girl Home By Midnight

Kissing Couple In GDriveCredit: Flickr/KRO-Media

If you do meet a hotty at the bar you can tell her that in Google Driverless cars you HAVE to sit in the backseat. She will be so impressed with your cars self-driving ability that you will be able to make out with her

Get Dressed and Shaved In Your Car

Girl Dressing Google CarCredit: Flickr/Travis Hornung

If you are running late for work you can jump into your car and then get shaved and dressed as your Google car automatically drives you to work. Be careful not to “moon” other cars when you are pulling your jeans up.


Get Lit and Go Sightseeing

Tommy Chong Gmail Snail GoogleCredit:

Get Lit as your car takes you for a drive. You cam program in all of the sights you would like visit and then just kick back enjoy the ride. If you get pulled over you can say “Yes officer, I am drunk, but I was not driving and my seatbelt is on.”

Low Speed Chase

Google Driverless Car Cop ChaseCredit:

Google Cars will not be able to go above the speed limit without hacking them, but you can refuse to pull over if a cop throws his lights and siren on. When you do eventually get involved in a slow speed pit-maneuver you can tell the police that you wanted to stop, but your damn car software locked up and you had to reboot it. If they want to search your Google Driverless car without a warrant, go ahead and let them as long as you clear the cache first.

Drive by Shootings

Urban Sign LanguageCredit:

So you want to go do a drive by shooting, but none of your friends are “Man enough”. If so then you can now do drive-by shootings by yourself while your card drives itself’ for you. If you want to make a fast get-away then you will have to hack and “ROOT” you car so you can program it to go faster than the posted speed limit. For the most fun and to have safer results make sure that you use water guns and water balloons instead of real weapons. This brings new meaning to Google’s old Product name, GDrive.


Smashing Mail Boxes By Yourself


Most kids that get caught smashing mail boxes with baseball bats are because someone either drove off the road or they were ratted out by a so-called buddy that was in the car with them. Now your kids can smash mail boxes with your car and you can relax because it will be much safer to do in a Google Driverless Car.


Bank Robbery

Jesse James GangCredit:

What better way to get away then to have a Google Auto drive you away from the scene of the crime? I wonder if the bank could then sue Google for providing the mode of transportation…?

You Can Send You Car Out For Pizza Hut While You Stay Home

Pizza HutCredit:


Dang, Pizza Hut always says ANY large pizza for $10.00. The problem is if you want stuffed crust, double pepperoni, or extra cheese they will charge you more. I also hate the “delivery fee” they charge. Save on the extra delivery fee and send your car over to Pizza Hut to pick up you pizza. They shouldn't charge a delivery fee to walk the pizza 6 feet outside to where you car is parked.

Pick up a Prostitute, and Then Claim That I didn’t know what my Car Was Doing

Fun TimesCredit:

Hardcore Christian radicals can now pick up a prostitute in their Google Driverless car. Once the car begins to drive them to a dark alley the extreme Christian can jump out and then call the police and tell them that a woman just car-jacked them. Car Jacking will keep women in jail longer than a prostitution charge. Of course I would just have the car stop and pick up the woman on the way back from Pizza Hut…

No Windshield Wipers

Rainy Window Google CarCredit:

Don’t turn your windshield wipers on during a rainstorm and freak out other drivers.

Sit in The Backseat watching Netflix on your Android Phone

Raising Arizona Netflix

On a long trip it is much more fun to simply watch Netflix on your Smart Phone while your car drives on auto-pilot.

Deal With Car Jackers!


If you get car jacked the robber will get locked into the car and driven to the police station, or off of a cliff. Only program your car to drive Car Jackers off a cliff if you have full coverage Geico.

Be Like your Own Dad, but In a New Way

Buick WagonCredit:

On a long trip when your kids are yelling and constantly asking “Are We There Yet?” you can yell back at the kids and tell them “If you kids don’t shut up I will re-program this car to turn around!”

No Gas Station Directions Needed

Gas StationCredit:

No more stopping for directions, unless you still use Bing Maps. I just hope my Google Driverless car doesn’t die when I am parked at a stop light, because I would hate to have to Ctrl Alt Del while people are staring at me and honking for me to move my Google Car.

Let Your Dog Drive

Dog Driving Google CarCredit: Flickr/thombo2

You sit in the backseat and let your dog sit in the front seat. You robotic car is driving by itself, but everyone will think your dog is driving.