Date night huh? You don't want to grab dinner and a movie... AGAIN.. do you? Here's a few ideas to keep things interesting on your night together.

Have you got something fun that you like to do with your significant other? Let us know in the comments, the more ideas the better!

1000 Piece Puzzle

It's one of those things where at first you're like "Nah, no thanks", but then you take a look and you find a piece that fits, next thing you know 6 hours has passed and you've built the entire frame.

Card Games/Board Games.

Got a deck of cards? Bust out some Rummy, Crib, why not get crazy with a little Crazy 8s? There are also some pretty fun boardgames out there, Scrabble, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit to name a few.

Hide and Seek

Seriously, shut the lights off in the house, 1 person hide, one person count to 10. Even better if you aren't wearing clothes.

Live Theatre/Live Comedy/Live Music

In today's world it is much easier to download a comedy set or watch Chicago on DVD, but to actually go out and experience it is something completely different. Check your local area listings for Live Comedy, Live Theatre and Live Music and plan a night out you won't soon forget.


Wether it be dancing lessons or finding a nightclub that plays music you like, getting out and dancing the night away can be a lot of fun together.

Create Your Own Sushi

A recipe search and a quick trip to the grocery store and you are ready to rock. Read the instructions out loud and you go along, and feel free to improvise. Peanut butter, banana, and honey rolls for dessert anyone?

Create your own Pizza

Same thing as above, only more Italian.

Go for a Swim

Head to the local swimming hole to cool down and wake up. Bonus points if it has a waterslide!

Star Gaze

This may require a bit of planning ahead, but if you can pick a clear night, or better yet, a meteor shower clear night, head out someplace away from the city lights and look up, admire the lights and ponder life's great mysteries together. To set the mood grab a blanket, comfy seats, popcorn, and some good music.

Mini Golf

Everyone loves mini golf! Usually, mini-golf places have other fun activities for you to do, such as bumper cars, batting cages and arcade games. A lot of good times to be had.