Craft Idea

If you have kids and you also have a spring break coming up, then you are going to be looking for fun things to do at spring break right? Although you should not have to fill every minute of their days with stuff to do, (kids like to day dream and play on their own and with friends too!) it is nice to have a few crafty ideas. Most kids love to be creative, no matter what age.

Well, depending on where you live, climate wise, you may need to come up with some indoor activities. Here is one simple idea that works well, especially for older kids as a great spring break activity. It can also work for younger children as long as you are supervising them.

Iron on Transfers - Before you hit the back button, thinking "boring", just think about how creative you can get with this as a craft. It is not just for transferring photos. As long as you have a simple computer and ink jet printer and the special transfer paper or fabrics you can get, and a iron, then you can let your kids get really creative for cool things to do on spring break.

Start by picking a object that will receive the transfers, such as a plain white tee shirt (you can get these at your local craft store or online) or it could be a simple plain canvas tote or other bag that they like to carry around and would love to personalize, or even a pillow case. There are all kinds of ideas.

A friend of mine did a birthday party, where she purchased cheap plain canvas bags, and had the kids come up with designs on paper and then transferred them to the bags for them. Kids loved it.

Now let your kids create their best artwork or design. Older kids might create intricate designs, whereas the younger ones might be a more simpler design. Get them to create it on simple white printer paper, but use lots of bold colors.

Once they have come up with a design that they would like to see on their tee shirt, or tote bag or back pack or whatever they have chosen, then you can scan their creation into the computer and then you use the specially designed printer fabric paper in your printer feed area.

Follow the instructions on the package, and you will then see your kids brilliant designs show up on this special fabric paper. You can then cut it to size and iron it on their chose object. This makes a great craft for kids. But you should supervise the ironing.

Spring break activities don't have to be extravagant or complicated. If you can plan ahead and have a few supplies on hand for them, especially craft supplies, then they can stay busy on the rain spring days. These craft ideas are great fun for any rainy day.

There are many types of transfer papers on the market. Some are very simple ones for the above style of craft, but there are others that can transfer to ceramic tiles, wood and more.  Transfer Papers

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this is a wonderful product for crafts.

Search online for the latest in cool art supplies that you think your kids might be able to use for some fun stuff to do at spring break or any other time of the year.

If you like quilting, another really cool option, is to get your kids to come up with cool designs on paper and then you can get transfer fabric, that allows pieces of fabric with backing paper to go through your computer. After scanning in their designs, you can print them, and they could become a permanent part of a quilt. Start planning for family things to do and be ready.