For most of us, a wedding is something that happens once in a life time. Because of the fact that weddings are intended to be a once in a life time event, people spend years dreaming about how their perfect wedding is going to go down.  While it may seem like certain things are big decisions, stuff like plate chargers and seat covers during the ceremony are things that both you and your guests will likely forget.  If you are going to spend a little bit of money, why not add something that is memorable; something that will have people talking.  Yes, I'm talking fun wedding novelties.

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

When I got married, wy wife was totally set on covering every single chair at the ceremony with seat covers.  At $5 a seat cover, this was going to add up to over $600. After much debate we decided to swap out the chair covers for something people would remember.  A Candy bar!  We used the Candy Bar services supplied by the venue where we were married and actually wound up saving $100 over the seat covers.  The candy bar was a huge hit, adults and kids alike were filling up little goody bags that they could take home to eat later.  While this is getting to be more and more popular, it is a super affordable way to add a little fun to your wedding.  If you were to set the candy bar up yourself, you could probably get away with spending less than $150.  Afterall candy is cheap!

Late Night CheeseBurgers

McDonalds CheeseBurger

I've been to lots of weddings where a late night snack shows up to refuel all the people burning the midnight oil on the dance floor. While pizza, deserts or pastries are delicious, what is more fun than a midnight cheeseburger from good old McDonalds.  For about $1 a burger you can get 150 so cheeseburgers for less than your standard midnight snack buffet.  Just a little warning, make sure you give McDonalds advance notice of your bulk order to make sure they have the products ready when you pick them up.

Photo Booth

Black and White PhotoBooths

I really can't say enough about Photo Booths.  Every wedding that I've been to that has had a photo booth has been an amazing experience. With a photobooth you could actually skip on the wedding favor and supply the photobooth pictures as a suitable replacement.  Why waste your money on something most people will throw away, people love photos and tend to hold on to them as keep sakes. What better way to remember your special day? To make a point, my wife actually has three sets of pictures from different weddings that we attended attached to her bedroom mirror to remind her of those fun nights.  The cool thing about Photo Booths is they deliver your pictures instantly.  Quality photo booth companies will provide your guests with photos within 10 seconds of their experience.