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Paddle Ball Kids Toys

Fun toys and games from the past are still fun for kids today, albeit, they may cost a bit more, but that's to be expected. Everybody remembers their favorite fun toys and games from years past. Believe it or not I had my most fun shooting marbles I loved those things, especially the big ones. I used to make tunnels in the dirt as well as holes to shoot them in. My brother and I also made up marble games in an effort to win marbles from the other kids in the neighborhood. Another fun and cheap toy that we played with all the time was the paddle ball. It's a good thing that they were cheap because they broke so easy you had to get a new one every other week.

Every time I see kids playing with these old classic toys and games it takes me down memory lane and I see my old childhood friends as clear as if they were right in front of me. The hula hoop is another fun toy I enjoyed that kids still love today. What I liked most about them is you could make them roll back at you if you managed to get the flick of the wrist just right. This was a game and challenge all in itself trying to see who could make it roll the farthest and come back without falling down. Even the boys liked to roll the hula hoop; however, they didn't care much for twirling it at the waist. These days the hula hoop isn't just a toy it's also used in adult exercise class to help get people in tip top shape.

Remember the slinky, I loved the slinky, however, it broke as easy and often as the paddle ball. I know they're still around, but I wonder if they stretch out of shape as easily as they used to. Then there are those aggravating ball and jacks sets that we lose the first day out. Where oh where did the jacks go? They're kind of like socks in the dryer they disappear never to be seen again. The problem was you couldn't buy just the jacks or just the ball it had to be a set! We did the onesies, twosies, threesies, foursies and so on until it got to be so many you couldn't scoop them up anymore. This always got me frustrated and I would stomp away kicking jacks as I went.

Yo-yo's were an everyday past time, but once again, they broke just as easily as the paddle ball and the slinky. The best thing about the yo-yo is that it was small and you could hide it in your pocket at school and take it out just about anywhere and play with it on a moments notice. Never mind that you couldn't get it to work at least you got to try and that's better than nothing. These days they make all kinds of fancy yo-yo's unlike the old days when it was a scrawny string with wooden disks that barely held together. Oh well, that was part of the challenge I guess.

So much for the fun toys from the past let's look at a few games that helped us pass the time on bad weather days and evenings after dinner. The one game that our family played on a consistent basis was Monopoly and I am sure there are plenty of kids and families that still do. We played Checkers and Chinese Checkers almost as often as Monopoly along with several card games. Our favorite card games were Rummy, Crazy 8's, Go Fish, Poker and Solitaire.

One of my favorite games was Operation, even though the loud buzzer rattled me from time to time, it made performing surgery fun and challenging. If you have ever played Operation, then you know it could be nerve wracking, nevertheless, it was and still is a mainstay. Candyland and Chutes and Ladders are a couple more that I recall playing in the middle of the night at sleepovers. The best part about these two games is that you could be dog tired and still play.

There are times that I'm tempted to buy some old classic toys just for the heck of it, however, I am sure the hula hoop would cause me to throw my back out or something. The games would be a much easier way to go I suppose. My kids and grandkids are grown up now, so I don't have anyone to play with unless they want to walk down memory lane with me. Or maybe I'll just keep reminiscing on my own as I walk up and down the toy isles.