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While the basics of caring for a baby haven’t changed since the beginning of time, the trends for babies seem to be changing on a daily basis.  The following are some of the latest, greatest and sometimes bizarre trends that are ruling the baby-sphere this year:

  • Healthy eating for baby has always been important, but more and more moms are taking matters into their own hands and making their own baby food.  By making their own baby food purees, they are able to control what type of produce or meats they’re including and exactly what is going into their baby’s mouth. And while usually pricey, there are even kitchen tools created just for this purpose. There are some disadvantages to making baby food at home: the time it takes to make the food takes away from the convenience of having a prepackaged puree in the cupboard and homemade baby food will often spoil quicker and take up more room in your refrigerator. 
  • Popular baby names are always changing, but, thanks to celebrities, it seems that when it comes to naming your baby, the crazier the better. With names like Rain India, Sunday Rose, Peanut Kai, Zuma Nesta Rock, Jaz Elle, and Bluebell, celebrities are taking the idea of unique baby names to a whole new level. 
  • Baby boutiques are all the rage selling high-priced accessories promising to make any baby just that much cuter.  For girls, the gigantic flower sprouting from the head trend is phasing out and instead being replaced with simple ribbon bows and felt flowers.  The trend of adult hair accessories has trickled down into children and babies also giving rise to the trend of headbands decorated with bows, flowers, sequins and feathers.  For boys, it’s baby ties, baby suspenders, sweater vests and hats – all accessories of a fashionable man, just in miniature form.
  • Baby wearing has always been encouraged by doctors and popular amongst parents, but who knew it would become so fashionable.  With hundreds of baby wearing options available, parents can choose from wraps, slings, front and back carriers, and even pouches.  Baby wearing makes for a happy baby – less fussing and crying, allows for the baby to be exposed to new situations, people and places which helps them with visual and auditory alertness and for convenience sake, lets the parent still have two free hands.