Throwing a baby shower can be quite an undertaking. There are the different factors to take into consideration such as the number of guests to invite, the location of the shower, the type of decorations, the food, and the most dreaded aspect, the baby shower activities.

Baby shower activities are not supposed to be complicated but with the traditional games come the challenge of finding a new group of activities to make the shower more exciting.

The purpose of the baby shower activities is to get all the guests involved to know something new about each other and to learn about the expectant mothers' personality as well as getting the new mother to have a great time with family and friends.

The more common games often leave the guests dreading participating while the newer games will get everyone off their chairs. Some of the activities include having the guest guess the size of the mother's belly.

This can be embarrassing for the mother yet it can also get her into a happier mood to share her size with other women who have been pregnant and experienced the largeness of pregnancy.

Another activity is to fill a large plastic bottle with diaper pins and have the guests guess the number of pins. Try filing a few baby bottles with water or juice. Have the group take turns to drink out of the bottle to get the best time for emptying the bottle.

Take the 'dirty diaper" game to a new level to get the guests involved. Crush or melt different candies and place into the diaper. Tell the guests to taste or smell the candies to figure out what the candy or combination is.

These gets a few laughs, as some will poke their fingers into the supposed dirty diaper then stick their fingers into their mouths to taste the concoction. The mental pictures of anyone poking their fingers into a dirty diaper then placing the fingers into their mouth have a great affect the guests.

Whatever the games used at a baby shower, get everyone involved, make it fun, and most of all, make it a time to laugh.

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