Baby showers are a great excuse for adults to cut loose and have some really great fun. Laughter brings people together and helps to relax guests and hosts alike. Themed decorations, treats and party favors along with unique baby shower games create frivolity and instill a sense of familiarity for many attending these events because they too have had babies in their lives.

Social events that bring people together from all areas of a person's life to celebrate an occasion can sometimes be difficult on the guests.

Many of them may not know each other because some are family members, some are from the neighborhood, some guests may be from the recipient's place of employment. A well thought out party agenda helps to prevent this situation from happening because the events bring the guests together in a lighthearted and pleasant way.

When guests enter a room that is loaded with special things especially for babies and moms to be, hearts soften and tensions begin to leave as quickly as smiles arise.

Ideas abound in books and on the internet for creative and special decorating ideas for table tops, party favors and gift wrapping. Colors are synonymous with babies and children so one can lighten up any room with loads of baby pastels and toddler brights.

Proceedings that draw people together and encourage them to interact with each other can easily be found online and in a variety of publications as well.

Party activities based on distinctive themes such gender specific based on the baby to be, pregnancy only events such as breaking water, and baby events that parents love to joke about such as dirty diapers are all topics that baby shower games can be based on and can amuse and entertain guests.

Hosts may find free printable entertainment sheets on the internet, purchase affordable ready made game kits or even design and make their own activities. A mix of sit down table top or verbal games intertwined with ones that require more physical movements up and around the room can add spice to any party's itinerary.

When the party room is full of chatting, giggling visitors because the unique baby shower games have removed their inhibitions, and the decorations and culinary delights have set the mood towards a topic most people love, the shower may be considered a success. The new mom to be can have delightful photographs to start her baby photo album with and fond memories of one of her first baby events.