The hardest part of losing weight is not derived from the tedious task of cutting calories or the painful exercise, it's the grueling mindset that devours you. The burden is constantly on your mind that you have to lose weight and live healthy, and it's enough to drive you crazy. Before your diet, you lived carefree and easy, munching down on delicious deserts and sitting on the couch all day. The complete change in lifestyle from being careless to being cautious is hard to adjust to, and can honestly be extremely boring compared to a lifestyle of indulgence and entertainment. So many quit their diets because the diet can not keep their interest. Between the local gym and eating salads with vinaigrette dressings, you can lose a lot of life's excitement along with those pounds you're shedding. The stress and lack of life enjoyment is enough to make people quit their diets and pick up the forks, but there are a few ways to spice up the blandness of dieting that can have you keeping your new healthy outlook.
Reward yourself. A rewards system can be implemented for motivation. This motivation gives you a specific goal, as well as something enjoyable to look forward to. What I personally recommend is a piece of your favorite desert for every five pounds that you lose. One piece of dessert is not going to kill your diet, won't make you gain the weight back, or cause you to give up. Nothing says job well done like a piece of your favorite pecan pie.

If the idea of dessert seems too hard for you, reward yourself with something else. If there is a DVD or novel you'd really like to purchase, buy it as soon as you lose the five pounds. By rewarding yourself with entertainment or a dessert, you are giving yourself an added reason to lose the weight, aside from your figure and your help. Obtaining something instantly for every five pounds can be a huge motivational tool. It's hard to notice five pounds of weight being missing in the mirror, but with an instant, tangible reward, you'll have that added boost to loose the weight.

Have fun with exercise. Frequently visiting the gym can be a complete bore. They usually carry a foul smell, host some weird members who often stare at you, and play lame music via the speaker system. There are methods of exercise that can actually be fun enough to make you want to do them. Remember that bicycle you used to ride for hours around the neighborhood in your youth for fun? It turns out, bike riding is an awesome way to exercise and lose weight. Bike riding is also an excellent mode of transportation that can save you money on gasoline (a way to kill two birds with one stone for those New Year's resolution makers who wanted to save money along with their dieting).
If riding a bicycle sounds a little too nerdy for you, there are always more options out there. Simply listening to an iPod and running on a sidewalk is a lot more enjoyable then remaining motionless as your run on a treadmill. You can also lose weight by dancing, for those of you who go to clubs. Dancing is an excellent way to lose calories and have fun. Exercise doesn't have to be a terrible experience, and there are awesome ways to go about it that won't bring you down and make you hate your life.

Diet with a friend. Dieting with a friend can be the motivation you need to keep going. Nobody wants to look like a failure in anyones eyes, and a friend going along with you during the whole process will make you go the extra mile so that you don't quit your goals. A friend can also be someone you can complain to or exercise with. This will lighten the mood and assure you that someone else is on your same level as far as discomfort with dieting and exercise goes.


You can also have different contests with friends. See who can reach a certain weight, or lose a specific number of pounds first. Make little bits with one another. The first person to lose 15 pounds has to buy the other person a healthy dinner at a restaurant. Competition can be a good thing, this is why people on television shows like The Biggest Loser actually lose weight. This support and competition will help the process seem more like a game instead of like a diet.

These are just a few methods you can use in order to make the dieting experience seem a little more entertaining. As you better your physical self, there is no need to bring down your inner-self with lack of entertainment and added stress. By incorporating these methods, you will prosper both physically and emotionally, and overall, have a much better experience.