Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a step to motherhood and a dream come true for every girl. It is a time to rejoice for every family. Once you are sure you are pregnant, you would want to tell everyone immediately, while there are others who would like to wait and not divulge until an opportunity arises. The announcement to the father and the family is a very emotional experience altogether. However, there are many fun ways to announce your pregnancy.

A few fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband:

  • You could plan a candlelight dinner,
  • Set the table for three with an additional serve with tiny tableware,
  • Serve baby corns, carrots etc; anything that a baby would be served,
  • You could serve fresh fruit juice instead of the usual drink,
  • Placing small baby items in has cupboard,
  • Hang a small and very tiny shirt along with his shirts.

There are innumerable exciting fun ways to announce your pregnancy to the father. In addition, if he still cannot make out, you could probably put up a poster of a baby in your bedroom right in front to be visible enough.

The fun ways to announce your pregnancy in case the father is away on an official trip may be something like sending him a surprise package with a pop up teddy inside and a note on his collar, "Hi! Dad"

Fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends:

  • Attend family get-together in clothes displaying phrases of you being on the family way or something that can tell about the pregnancy.
  • Sending a gift with a logo saying," the best grand parents to be"
  • Just gave a call to your parents and give them the good news.
  • Arrange a small party for all the friends and give them the surprise when all have assembled.

For the grandparents it is a very special occasion, for it brings alive the wonderful memories when you were conceived. If you have a child already, they might narrate their experience to the grandchild. The fun ways to announce your pregnancy can be lasting and memorable experience for them too.

The most important aspect is the reactions to the "fun ways to announce your pregnancy." These remain a fond memory for years to come. Your friends may react in a completely different manner from your parents. In addition, be prepared to face the questions, as the news will do the rounds henceforth until all know about it.

You could plan the announcement and make it a memorable one by adopting a few of the above listed fun ways to announce your pregnancy or come up with an original one yourself. For this day could be your last fun day for quite a while, with the oncoming morning sickness and the hard times of raising your child. Whatever fun ways to announce your pregnancy adopted, you would want to catch it on a video, so arrange well in advance.