So it’s the weekend again and you’re broke again! Does that mean you have to be stuck at home or bored? No!

There are so many you can do to ensure you have a fun filled weekend that won’t break your bank account. So not only so you can see but also a reminder to myself, I thought I would write a list of things that you can do over the weekend that cost little or no money.


  1. Go to your local library and read or better yet, find the ones you like and borrow them.
  2. Go for a bike ride
  3. Go to the Park or Skate Park
  4. Go Fishing
  5. Pack up a Picnic lunch and go someone nice and relaxing. Take a book and after having a beautiful lunch relax in the sun and read.
  6. Volunteer somewhere – There are always people in need, why not spend your weekend helping someone.
  7. Take up a sport – Doesn’t have to be something expensive more for fun and exercise
  8. Take Photos. If Photography is your thing, there is an entire world out there waiting to be captured.
  9. Re-arrange your house, or catch up on your home DIU ideas.
  10. Have a BBQ with friends
  11. Have a home movies day. Get the popcorn and sit down and relax with some of your favourite or new movies.
  12. Have some “You” time. Is there something you have really wanted to do? Then why not do it now. Even if it’s just catching up on sleep.
  13. Learn something new. Whether it be sewing, knitting, dancing or drawing. There are plenty of you tube videos or DVDs you can borrow from your local library to teach you.
  14. Have a Clean out Day. Finally rid your house of all the unwanted or unneeded things. If they are still in good condition you can donate them to a local Charity.
  15. Garden
  16. Search the Internet for new things. You could do this every day and still find something you haven’t seen before.
  17. Join a chat site. Make new friends from all kinds of parts of the world.
  18. Go swimming at your local Pool, Beach or Dam. Healthy and fun!
  19. Spend a day Cooking. One day spent cooking can ease of many other days. Freeze the leftovers.
  20. Play Card or Board Games. Getting back to the basic fun we all had as a kid, it’s surprising at how much fun it actually can be!
  21. Start a Blog or Online Journal
  22. Look up your Local Newspaper and see what’s happening around Town. You never know there could be something fun and free happening.
  23. If you live in a big City, you can catch a Train or Bus right across town usually for only a couple of dollars. Do that and see where you end up!
  24. Go to the Local Markets
  25. Visit your neighbour. Sometimes we don’t realise how close they are and how less we see them.
  26. Wash the dog at the new fun dog wash.
  27. Get down and dirty with the kids. Take yourself back to their age and play games with them of their choice. Who knows, you might enjoy playing tea cups again.
  28. Let the kids decide where to go.
  29. Family arts and crafts, see what new things you can make to add a bit of spice around the house. Almost anything can be re-used.
  30. Have a pamper day. Go through the cupboard and find all those facial creams, finger nail polish's, and make yourself feel nice!

The world is a big exciting place with so many different fun and adventurous things to do. We just sometimes have to remind ourselves that sometimes the best things are for free.



Washing the Dog