Camping is inherently romantic:  firelit dinners, fresh air and a sense of adventure all combine to create an atmosphere of flirtatious fun.   But just when snuggling with your sweetie sounds like the perfect end to a memorable day, your gear gets in the way - your sleeping bag is built for one!   While zipping bags together has traditionally been the solution to this problem, camping equipment manufacturers have provided a better solution:  the two-person sleeping bag.  As an enthusiastic owner of one such bag – as well as a long-time user of a variety of single-person synthetic and down bags of various qualities – I would never go back to sleeping alone.

Perks of a Two-Person Sleeping Bag

Besides enjoying cozy nights in the woods, there are practical reasons why a double wide bag is a great choice. 

  • Comfort.  Although sleeping with another person in a confined area might sound cramped, comfort can actually increase significantly as the larger bag provides added space to find a comfortable position, similar to a regular bed.
  • Temperature Regulation.  For ‘cold-sleepers’, having another source of heat nearby can be the difference between a comfortable night and many shivering hours.  Side zippers allow ‘warm-sleepers’ to adjust heat retention as needed.   
  • Equipment Reduction.  One bag means fewer things to pack.  Many two-person bags are no more weight or volume than individual gear combined.  In fact, a two-person bag may equate to less weight and volume, depending on your current equipment. 
  • Money Saving Investment.  The two double bags featured here are only slightly more in cost than single bags of similar quality, making them a great investment for couples looking to buy new sleeping equipment or make their first purchase. 

Best Couples' Bag: Product Picks

Getting one’s money’s worth is always important, and never more important than when your night’s sleep depends on it.  I’ve enjoyed camping since I was a child, and my love for sleeping outdoors has driven my quest to find superior sleep equipment.  I have shivered my way through countless nights with rectangular and “mummy”-style single-person synthetic and down bags ranging from less than $40 to more than $300.  While I’ve found an increased price tag usually equates to a better nights’ sleep, the quality of sleep I’ve experienced in these couples’ sleeping bags is, dollar for dollar, unsurpassed. 

 If you’re in the market, I’d recommend you take a look at the following two-person sleeping bags based on your expected primary use – either car camping or backpacking. 

  •  Car Camping: Teton Sports Mammoth 0-Degree Sleeping Bag An incredibly warm and comfortable bag, made of synthetic materials with soft flannel lining and an interior storage pocket.  The full length side zippers allow for temperature control and ease of entry and exit.  I’ve used this bag in car-camping adventures in Montana, Maine and Wisconsin from early spring through late fall with complete confidence and comfort.  At 16 pounds, it’s a bit heavy to use for backpacking, which I really see as its only drawback. 


  • Backpacking: Big Agnes King Solomon 15-Degree Doublewide Sleeping Bag  I can’t say enough good things about this product.  My husband and I used this down-filled bag for 3 weeks continuously during a Wyoming and Utah camping honeymoon and consistently slept well.  We’ve also camped through the fall with no problems, in temperatures down to about 25F.   Small but important creature comforts are everywhere:  under-bag sleeves ensure the sleeping pads stay put, a draft collar keeps bag heat from escaping and pillow pockets provide structure for makeshift pillows from fleece jackets or other soft gear.  The five-pound weight is reasonable for backpacking applications.

As a final note, my husband is 6’ 5” tall, and he is comfortable in both bags, though they are both at their limit with a person of his height.  Give one of these bags a try – you won’t be disappointed.