The most memorable children's parties are those that allow their guests to be part of interactive activities. Kids nowadays are so glued to simply playing online games. It is unfortunate that they are missing out on other childhood activities that are geared towards outdoor activities and arts and crafts. Well, worry no more! Host a unique party that will let their creativity run wild while having a blast. Try these kiddie arts and crafts with your kids and have fun yourself.

1) Baking your own cupcakes

Purchase or bake plain cupcakes. Allow the kids to create their own toppings by providing icing in a range of colors like purple, pink, white and yellow. To make the cupcakes extra special, add more toppers like sugar flowers, gum drops, chocolate chips or fresh fruits. What's great is that they get to eat or keep their cupcake creations. It's best that you arrange a workstation as things might get messy.

2) Eco-friendly gardening

One way to keep the children occupied and to promote caring for the earth is to have a gardening activity. Obtain small pots, soil, seedlings/ plants, paint and paint brushes. Select gardening tools that are best for little hands like hand shovels, rubber gloves and watering cans. Make available a work area where the kids can paint the pots with their own designs. Let the kids to fill the pots with soil and seedlings, encouraging them to care for their plants so they will grow. These are perfect party souvenirs that children will remember for months to come.

3) Chic and hip flip-flops

This next idea is aimed to hone the fashion expert in the child. Just supply the children with plain flip-flops of different colors, shapes and sizes. From a craft store, you can purchase some ribbons, glue gun and a assortment of trimmings. Embellishments can range from floral accents, gemstones, beads and feathers. You can select multiple embellishments or stick to certain ones that match your party theme (Example: for a luau, choose floral accents and shells). In a workstation, allow the children to pick their flip-flops and decorations. Always watch them when they are using glue guns but let them pick the designs they want for their flip-flops. This is a useful, practical and fun gift they can immediately wear.

4) Jewelry design challenge

Young girls love to wear accessories. From a toy store, simply purchase a beading set for kids that will let them make customized necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even key chains. One great tip is to find "letter beads" which they can use to spell-out various names. This is a fun activity that the children will love. What's more is that they can make a number of accessories that they can happily present to their parents.

Remember, children's parties are all about having fun. Provide your energetic guests with original and delightful things they will need to make your party a wonderful arts and crafts event.