There are many ways to have fun in Las Vegas without gambling. Obviously gambling is the first thing that people think of, but Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than that.

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam is a short distance from Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam is an amazing spectacle. Take your camera and maker sure you snap plenty of pictures.

In addition, there is a Hoover Dam museum located in Boulder Nevada.

Fremont Experience
Many people automatically think of the "Strip" when visiting Las Vegas. Try something different and head to the downtown area. The Fremont Street Experience is a fun light show that happens every night, once an hour. This part of Fremont Street was blocked off to vehicle traffic, it is pedestrian traffic only. Las Vegas built a huge canopy, and each night the casinos shut of their lights as the free overhead light shows occurs.

Fremont Street is a great place to visit, as there is usually a lot to do for free, including the Fremont Experience Light Shows.

North Las Vegas Airport
The airport in North Las Vegas, not McCarran Airport, has an observation deck that is outside. You can sit on the observation deck and watch the aircraft take off and land. The North Las Vegas Airport even provides speakers so you can listen to the tower communications with the pilots.

Sam Town Shuttle Service
Sam's Town Casino and Hotel offer a free shuttle that runs between their Hotel in South east Las Vegas, to the downtown area as well as the Strip. You do not have to be a guest of Sam's Town to use the free shuttle. Technically it is only for Hotel guests, but I, as well as many others, have rode the free shuttle and never been asked for a room key.

If you want to get off the Strip or leave the Fremont area, then take the free Sam's Town shuttle and ride over to Sam's Town. Sam's Town is a neat Hotel and Casino to walk around at if you have never been there before.

Sam's Town has a huge bowling alley, 56 lanes, and sometimes they get a huge tournament in and those are a lot of fun too watch.

Sam's Town also has the Mystic Falls attraction. It is indoors but you feel like you are outdoors. It is really relaxing and fun too watch.

Circus Circus
Circus Circus offers free circus acts each day. Whether you are a kid or not, you should enjoy the Circus Circus Circus acts.

Smoking Senior on Oxygen Playing Keno
It seems like in Las Vegas you can always find this attraction. An older person, usually a female, strapped to an oxygen machine, heavily smoking cigarettes, and playing video keno.

While it is not fun to be sitting next to them it is a lot of fun to watch them from a distance. It's amazing some of the profanities you can hear from their mouths.

Other Free Activities in Las Vegas
There are many other activities you can do for free in Las Vegas. Use your imagination, talk to the hotel desk person, and just keep your eyes open. Tourists are always doing something funny when in Las Vegas.

Just because you visit Las Vegas, does not mean you need to gamble. Save your money for the all day buffets and simply have some fun while on a cheap vacation in Las Vegas.