Kidalia 1Credit: Tommie Sanders

I love earrings...what girl doesn't? They come in so many shapes, color and sizes that it can sometimes be hard to choose which pair to buy or wear, but a girl's gotta have options, you know? One of my most favorite pair, I got recently from this fabulous Etsy shop, Kidalia's Jewelry and Accessories! They are handmade from polymer clay beads and the funky pink and purple color make them a fun accessory!

Tommie Sanders, the artist and creator of these fabulous earrings, makes them by hand rolling complimentary colors of clay so that they mix together to create unique swirls, stripes and bands. Since each bead is created separately, the pattern that comes from the production process is unique to each individual bead. For me, this is part of the charm! If I wanted to earrings that looked exactly the same, I could find a pair in any old store, but the uniqueness of these earrings speaks of their handmade origins and adds to their appeal.

Kidalia 2Credit: Tommie Sanders

The particular pair that I purchased from Kidalia's Jewelry and Accessories are a mostly deep purple bead with swirls of hot pink throughout. The colors of the beads are so vibrant and beautiful that they create lots of visual interest. The beads are finished with a pearlized-type coating that makes them sparkle and shine and gives them a smooth feel. The earrings also have a nice, substantial appearance to them even though they are surprisingly lightweight and you will hardly notice that you're wearing them!

I was also impressed by the quality of the earrings I received from Kidalia's Jewelry and Accessories' shop! The ear wires are hypoallergenic and the earrings are assembled in a way that you don't have to worry about them falling apart and they will certainly last you a lifetime. The quality workmanship in each piece of Tommie's jewelry is immediately evident and will continue to be proven over time!

 If you take a look around Kidalia's Jewelry and Accessories' shop, you will see that she has a wide range of jewelry styles to choose from that include polymer clay and crystal and glass beads. Every single piece of jewelry is one of a kind as she creates them from individual inspirations and you will never see the same pair of earrings anywhere else! She also features her own fine art photography prints that are truly amazing. With such a variety of items to choose from and the care and love that goes into each item, you can feel good about making a purchase from Kidalia's shop and any of her items would be perfect for gift-giving or as a great way to treat yourself to a little something special!