Looking for a few original do-it-yourself homemade Christmas decorations this year? Store bought Christmas decorations are adorable but can often be quite expensive. Not to mention the fact that you pay high dollar for store bought Christmas decorations only to have them go on sale for up to 80% off right after Christmas. Homemade Christmas decorations are great not only because you pay less money but because you can tailor them to your personal style and Christmas color scheme, and they are quite enjoyable to make. If you have kids you could even include them in the decoration making process as it is both a festive and fun activity to do during Christmas. Here are a few great do it yourself, homemade Christmas decoration ideas all under $10.00.

Christmas Present Stack

Christmas Present StackWhat you will need:
Boxes in Various Shapes and Sizes
Christmas Wrapping Paper
Christmas Ribbons/ Bows
Unique Christmas Ornaments

This is by far the most original and unique homemade Christmas decoration. It is almost free as most of the supplies you will already have due to the fact that it is Christmas. Find boxes in various sizes. It doesn't matter if the boxes are old or have designs on them as they will be covered in Christmas wrapping paper. You could even use boxes from the Kitchen such as empty cereal boxes. Try not to spend money on boxes, instead use what you have around the house, if you do have to buy boxes make sure they are inexpensive. You could pick some up at the dollar store, just make sure you get different sizes.
Chose wrapping paper that matches your current Christmas decorations or that will blend in well with the colors you have in your Christmas color scheme.


1. Wrap all the boxes in Christmas wrapping paper.
2. Decide how you will stack the boxes. This is important before gluing the boxes together or adding ribbons and accessories as you don't want them to get in the way when you stack the boxes and glue them together.
3. Add your ribbons and accessories to the boxes. Make sure not to add them in places that will need to be glued or have another box stacked on top of it.
4. The bottom box should always lay flat to serve as a base for the entire Christmas decoration.
5. Starting at the bottom start hot gluing the boxes together. Stager the boxes and glue the bottom of one box to the top of the one underneath it. Try to position the boxes at different angles. They are not meant to be stacked perfectly rather they are meant to be stacked uneven creating a fun look.
6. Top the decoration off with a cute bow or ornament.


DIY Christmas Decor*Flat ornaments such as the ones shown here work best and are quite inexpensive. These items were purchased at the 99 cent store and they are a perfect fit.
*A great creative alternative to ribbon is to make ribbon out of the same Christmas wrapping paper you used to wrap the boxes. Cut small strands of the wrapping paper and curl it by pressing and pulling against the blade of scissors just as you would with curling ribbon.
* Christmas foliage can also be added as an accessory as shown here. This Christmas foliage was purchased at Michaels in the section that holds accents for Christmas wreaths during the holidays.


Christmas Tinsel Tree

 Homemade Christmas Tinsel TreeWhat you will need:
Tinsel Tree
Christmas Ribbons
Christmas Bulbs
Tree Topper

This is another great, inexpensive, easy to make Christmas decoration.
Again most of the items above can be picked up at your local dollar store or craft store. The silver tinsel tree and the star tree topper shown here were purchased at the 99 cent store, the bulbs and red Christmas ribbons were purchased at WalMart. The items needed for your Christmas tinsel tree can be purchased in many different colors. Decide beforehand where you would like to place your tree so that you can by corresponding colors that will blend in with the area in your home where you decide to place your tinsel tree. Fake cotton snow also looks great around the base of the tree and hides the bland bottom.

1. Simply add ribbons to various stems of the tinsel tree leaving room for the Christmas bulbs.
2. Place the Christmas bulbs in any empty stems of the tinsel tree.
3. Top the tree off with a star or any other Christmas tree topping of your choice.

Christmas Bulb Vase

 Christmas Bulb VaseWhat you will need:
Clear Vase
Christmas Bulb Ornaments
Christmas Flowers or Foliage

This is the easiest homemade Christmas decoration of all to make. Simply buy Christmas ornament bulbs in the color of your choice. Plastic Christmas bulbs work best as they wont break or become dull over time. Make sure to use only medium and small sized ornament bulbs as the larger bulbs will take up too much space in smaller sized vases. Vases can be picked up for relatively cheap if you shop around, again WalMart is a really inexpensive place to pick up a vase if you don't already have one. The foliage shown in this picture was purchased at Michaels but similar flowers could be found at any craft store. You could always replace the foliage with Christmas Poinsettia and the bulbs with red berries for a different variation on this homemade Christmas decoration.

1. Place the Christmas ornament bulbs into the clear vase. There is no need to remove the part of the ornament that the ornament hooks connect to unless you personally don't like the look.
2. Work in your Christmas flower arrangement. Try to get the stems toward the middle of the vase so that they will be hidden by the bulbs.
3. You could add a Christmas bow around the vase or other Christmas accent around the bottom of the vase for added detail but the vase usually looks great on it's own.

The options are really endless when it comes to homemade holiday decorations. The great thing is you wont end up spending too much money when you make the Christmas decorations yourself so you can change them every year if you would like. If you are looking for more DIY homemade Christmas decorations you might like these ideas:


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