The old classic dinner and a movie dates have their place. Usually when you are teenagers or perhaps you want to get to know them better. However, while dinner and a movie dates are acceptable, they should not be your only go to when it comes to date night. You definitely do not want to look dull to your sweetie by reusing the same date night every time you go out.

Try mixing it up a little. The common complaint among women is that their man is not spontaneous enough. Show them how creative you can be by trying out some of these fun date ideas. These ideas are fit for everything from first dates to "Gee honey, we haven't been on a date for since we were married six years ago".

baking cookies

Bake Cookies Together

This is a classic date option. It makes a good date idea for maybe the third date though. It's best to do first dates in a public place, many people are a bit weary going over to someone's house for a first date. However, nothing makes a sweeter date idea like making cookies from scratch.

The kitchen starts to heat up from the oven and people start licking cookie dough off of spoons and fingers. You can see how things can get heated up. Just try not to burn your cookies if you get distracted by other things.


Visit a Trendy Bar

You have to gage what type of person your date is for this affair. If they don't like rustic looking places or beer, you may not want to bring them to an Irish pub. If they are more classy folks, try a wine par or a piano bar. Nothing says romance like a fine wine or cocktail set to some smooth piano music.

You can also try a jazz bar for more eclectic music and possibly even a bit of show dancing. I do not recommend hitting up the hottest club where all the young people go to grind to loud music. It is difficult to get to know your date if you cannot hear what they are saying. However, if you are in the mood to do some dancing, it may not be a bad option.


Go to the Farmer's Market

If it is the proper season, a lot of fun can be had at the Farmer's Market. You may think the veggies and fruits you buy at the store taste pretty good until you have had organic and locally grown produce. It can wow your socks off. Why not set aside an afternoon to browse through the Farmer's Market and fish out some fresh produce to make dinner with.

The plus side of the Farmer's Market is that you never know what you are going to find there. Maybe there is a farmer there that grows fruits or vegetable you have never had before, buy one and try it together. It might be the best thing you ever tasted or you and your date can cringe at each other and secretly spit it out.

Play Some Mini Golf

This date idea is not limited to mini golf. While mini golf is a fun way to spend a few hours of laughter and a little frustration, usually there is more to do at those places than just play mini golf. If they have batting cages, check them out. If they have go carts, definitely check those out. You can even spend a bit of time at the arcade as I have yet to meet a mini golf place that does not have an arcade.

Mini gold places are a great way to get outdoors in the sunshine and play around a little.

wine and bagette

Have a Culture Night

This is essentially the close and personal way of doing dinner and a movie. Pick a culture, whether it is French, Chinese, Thai, German, etcetera then make a night of it. If you are doing a French night, get some French bread, some nice French wine, and some preferably not stinky French cheese. Then hunker down and watch some sappy French romance movie.

Or you could make it a cheesy kung-fu movie with some homemade or take out Chinese food. It is a great excuse to experience new cultures and snuggle up to each other with a movie.

apple picking

Go Apple Picking

Sometimes you might have to make going apple picking a day trip depending on how close you live to an orchard. You can also supplement strawberry picking, but believe me, strawberry picking is a lot more effort. You do not even have to go to an apple orchard when apples are in season. In the spring, you can just walk through the lines of trees when all the apple blossoms are in bloom. It is really quite a beautiful and romantic walk.

Though if you do go in the fall for the apples, hopefully your orchard will be serving up hot apple doughnuts. There is no more better snack in the world than hot apple doughnuts and chilled apple cider. Sometimes I go to the apple orchard in the fall just for that.

couple walking

Take a Walk

This is an overlooked classic. Take a walk. Down through a park, by a lake, in the woods, on the beach, wherever. Taking a walk through nature provides the perfect opportunity to get to know someone. I mean, there are no distractions, just conversation. It is a great first date opportunity before or after a meal to help you digest. You can also finally show off how you are the person that loves "long walks on the beach". Though, if you are a man taking your lady on a surprise walk down on the beach, make sure she is wearing proper footwear. While it is hilarious to watch a woman try to navigate sand in high heels, it does little for romance.

While you are walking, you can happen across a lot of great places to linger. Maybe there is an empty playground your can mess around on or a really pretty wooden bridge over a stream. If you need to take a break, find a nice bench with a decent view and take a little snuggle break.

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